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Serialization/Track & Trace

Mettler-Toledo’s Latest ProdX Software Ushers in Industry 4.0 Capabilities

March 1, 2021

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection is giving food manufacturers critical assistance as they gear up for the food industry’s fast-approaching digital transformation, with the release of a new, significantly updated version of its ProdX product inspection management software. Based on Industry 4.0 principles of secure machine-to-machine communication, and in preparation for connectivity to the latest data-protective Blockchain…


Covectra Introduces Next Generation StellaGuard – Smart Label and Mobile Authentication Solution to Combat Counterfeiting of Products

February 22, 2021

Covectra, a leader in track and trace solutions, announced the next generation of StellaGuard, a smart label and mobile authentication solution that will enable brand managers and consumers for the first time to easily and more accurately identify, authenticate, and track genuine products and combat counterfeiting. The new version of StellaGuard reportedly includes significant enhancements, including the unique…


Squid Ink’s Copilot Max Now With UV Printing Capabilities

October 8, 2020

Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, introduced the CoPilot Max printing system now with UV curing capability for non-porous applications. With up to 2.8 inches of print height per printhead and the ability to run up to 2 printheads from one controller, the CoPilot Max…


Track-and-Trace: Augmented Reality Coming to Product Labels Near You

October 5, 2020

By Gary Paulin and Mark Lusky, Contributing Writers A new world of product protection, authentication and communication is emerging. Along with manufacturers themselves, consumers will be the big winners as they confirm product authenticity, actively engage and interact with brands, get entertained, and learn along the way. And it all happens on and via the…


Pack Platform

Languiru Turns to Sig’s Integrated Connected Pack Platfrom

February 5, 2020

With the support of SIG’s Connected Pack solutions, Brazilian dairy producer Languiru Cooperative has reportedly become one of the leading market players in the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul during a time of increasing competition and growing consumer demands. And to reaffirm its ongoing partnership with SIG, Languiru has commissioned another filling line…


Covectra Offers Packaging Serialization to Provide Track & Trace and Combat Counterfeiting and Diversion Across Multiple Industries

August 28, 2019

Covectra plans to showcase its holistic, integrated serialization system at this year’s PackExpo in Las Vegas.



Antares Vision Introduces TrackMyWay

July 30, 2019

Antares Vision has introduced TrackMyWay, a next-generation track & trace platform providing dialogue between various stakeholders throughout a product’s supply chain journey and lifecycle.


CM33 CombiChecker: METTLER TOLEDO’s

April 22, 2019

The METTLER TOLEDO CM33 CombiChecker system performs two key inspection functions in one simple integrated solution.


Xyntek Delivers a Validated Collaborative Robot and Serialization Solution for Compliance with DSCSA

December 10, 2018

NEWTOWN, PA | Xyntek Incorporated delivers turnkey collaborative robot case packing solution to customers in time to meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) deadline. The validated serialization and aggregation solution integrates state-of-the-art technologies in packaging line automation, real-time controls and material handling, machine vision and collaborative robotics to address the regulatory and business requirements…


INTERPHEX Recap, Antares Vision Showcases its Matrix Station Top-View Aggregation Unit Paired with Omega Design Corp.’s Intelli-Pac Case Packer

June 21, 2018

Antares Vision, the world’s leading provider of serialization-based track and trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, and manufacturer of precision inspection machines for 100% production line verification of pharma products, showcased its Matrix Station Top-view aggregation unit alongside Omega Design’s Intelli-Pac case packer at INTERPHEX NYC Booth #2571. Working together, the machines represent an ideal…


Purchasing New X-Ray Equipment

April 16, 2018

An Interview with Christy Draus, Marketing Manager, Eagle Product Inspection, Inc. By: Elisabeth Cuneo, Editor Read insights and expert tips regarding choosing the best x-ray equipment for your packaging line. And learn why x-ray technology is critical to food safety. Packaging Technology Today: What should packagers look for when choosing an x-ray machine? Draus: X-ray…


Antares Vision to Debut Enhanced LYO-CHECK Machine for Lyophilized Products

March 27, 2018

Antares Vision (antaresvision.us) which, in addition to its standing as the world’s leading provider of serialization-based pharmaceutical track and trace solutions, also provides premium inspection equipment – will premiere an enhanced LYO-CHECK inspection machine for lyophilized (freeze-dried) products at INTERPHEX NYC Booth #2571, April 17-19. Also on display will be the company’s enterprise-level ATS Four…


Apace Fast Tracks Serialization with New High-Speed Bottling Line from NJM

March 13, 2018

Apace Packaging focuses all aspects of its contract packing business on fulfilling customers’ every need. Serving the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, Apace maintain the strictest standards for quality while offering competitively priced products. Seeking best-in-class technology, Apace turned to NJM (NJMPackaging.com) and installed a new solid-dose bottling line with track-and-trace capabilities in 2017. NJM provided…


OPEN-SCS Group Presents Findings on Enhanced Drug Distribution Security

February 6, 2018

The Open Serialization Communication Standard (OPEN-SCS; opcfoundation.org) Group, a collection of healthcare sector companies dedicated to standardizing packaging line serialization and aggregation data exchanges, presented its latest findings at the Food & Drug Administration’s December 5-6 Public Meeting on enhanced drug distribution security, per the DSCSA. The group was invited to share its accomplishments in…


Antares Vision to Open Software Development Center in Ireland

January 22, 2018

Antares Vision (antaresvision.us), a leading provider of serialization-based track and trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, and manufacturer of precision inspection machines for 100% production line verification of pharma products, will establish a Software Development Center in western Ireland’s Galway Technology Centre. The facility, which will create more than 50 jobs in computer vision and…


Adents to Host Series of Global Serialization Innovation Summits

December 19, 2017

Adents (adents.com), a leading provider of premier, versatile serialization and track & trace solutions, is planning a series of serialization conferences in Paris (April 5-6), Philadelphia (June) and Shanghai (October). The series of educational forums will include presentations from leading tech companies, including Microsoft and Siemens, as well as government entities overseeing the push for…


Supply Chain Wizard to Oversee Nordic Group’s Large-Scale European Serialization Project

December 18, 2017

Supply Chain Wizard (supplychainwizard.com) a leading full-service global consulting firm specializing in serialization and traceability, as well as supply chain strategy and operational transformation programs – has been selected to oversee execution of Nordic Group’s large-scale European serialization project. Supply Chain Wizard will oversee multiple serialization solution providers to implement serialization activities and disciplines across…