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The BLV Series R Type is a battery-operated, compact and lightweight brushless motor in the era of advancing automation. The compact driver measures only 65mm x 75mm x 29mm and weighs only 0.12 kg. Developed to support the design of compact battery driven automation.

The BLV Series R Type

A brushless DC motor (BLDC motor) speed control system offers the design of motor and driver significantly reduced in size and weight, yet high-power, and contributes to the battery driven automation.

Modular automation is the next phase of factory automation where the same production line is separated into modules and can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to different needs. This video illustrates the new rapidly expanding form of automation and how traditional assembly lines are transformed into modular assembly lines. Modular automation compatible products by Oriental Motor include the compact and lightweight DC-powered products, such as the AZ Series mini driver and the BLV Series R Type.

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