• Bulk Tomato Processing Plant
    When: February 17, 2021 - February 18, 2021
    Where: Online Auction - Stockton, CA
    • Diced Tomato Process & Aseptic Systems
    • Rossi Catelli & Fran Rica Paste Evaporators
    • Food Service Prep Kitchen for #10 Can Products
    • Huge assortment of Kettles, Cookers & Tanks
    • Enormous Spare Motor, Pump & Parts Inventories

  • Automate Forward
    When: March 22, 2021 - March 26, 2021
    Where: Virtual Trade Show and Conference -

    Automate Forward features 80+ speakers discussing the latest applications and innovations in robotics, AI, vision & imaging, motion control & motors, and related automation technologies. You can also find 100 leading automation suppliers in our virtual exhibit hall that will help you implement automation to get faster, better and more efficient.


  • Bidspotter
    Phone: 866-597-2437
    Fax: 815-301-9279
    Description: BidSpotter specializes in industrial online auctions providing bidders from around the world with the ability to browse sale catalogues and place bids over the internet in real time with live audio and video feeds delivering the auction room atmosphere. BidSpotter hosts approximately 1,700 auctions annually and bidders are able to participate in live webcast, timed online, and catalog only auctions. BidSpotter offers more than $4 billion worth of products. In addition, the company has a database of 400,000 active buyers. Online bidders account for an average 27 percent of sales.
  • Rabin
    Phone: 415.248.2007
    Description: (2015) IPN FT Quadro rotary “Clean Pouch” filling and capping machine for stand-up pouches with center fitment, 100 – 120 pouches per minute, Sanitary design and construction, Rail type pouch feeder, double wall feed hopper with heating element Hot fill to 180 F, Automatic CIP unit, (was used for fruit puree, hot fill to 180°F)