SnapSlide™ Introduces First Child-Resistant Closure with Single-Handed Operation for Rx Amber Vials

Also available for OTC applications, patented solution brings life-changing potential for over 60 million Americans with physical limitations, while also reducing plastic usage.

 SnapSlide, LLC, a packaging innovations company dedicated to making it easier for consumers to access, use, and store pharmaceutical products, has introduced a line of no-torque, child-resistant caps that is the market’s first adaptive packaging solution. SnapSlide’s ergonomic design features a patented, sliding, two-step opening procedure that allows for single-handed opening and closing while maintaining child resistance.

Engineered specifically to aid millions of consumers with physical disabilities and limitations, the user-friendly cap closure technology utilizes a slide-to-open/close functionality that requires less force and dexterity to operate than the current push-and-turn technology. The cap itself stays firmly affixed to the vials, adding an additional dimension of safety and convenience while allowing for easy, metered dosing. The closure system also provides definitive security feedback, by producing a 57-decibel “snap” upon closing – an auditory cue helping consumers recognize still-open medicine bottles.

SnapSlide’s solution can also be used for oral solid dose over the counter (OTC) applications, and the cap’s simple design makes it easily adaptable for a wide variety of common containers, including plastic and glass bottles that require child resistance.

Notably, the cost-effective SnapSlide also promotes sustainability, and does not require significant downstream production process adjustments: SnapSlide’s unique design is 27% lighter than the average conventional child-resistant cap and decreases overall plastic usage while maintaining similar costs to current cap closure solutions. In addition, the low profile of the closure also improves storage and shipping efficiencies, as traditional child-resistant closures take up 2x more space than SnapSlide closures.

Significantly Improved Drug Accessibility for 60 Million Americans

SnapSlide’s simple yet effective technology represents a potentially life-changing innovation for the over 60 million Americans who have some form of dexterity issue such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Of these, an estimated 12 million are temporarily or permanently unable to use one of their arms or hands. These include amputees, stroke/paralysis patients, and many faced with congenital birth defects, for whom conventional pharmaceutical closures are virtually impossible to open, dose, and close with one arm.

Additionally, SnapSlide has shown itself to be substantially more popular regardless of dexterity issues. In focus groups, nearly 90% of consumers preferred SnapSlide to conventional amber vial closures. Two-thirds reported they would be more loyal to brands adopting SnapSlide – and likely to switch to a competing brand if theirs did not incorporate the solution.

“The SnapSlide prescription vial caps have the potential to be better for all and life-changing for many,” said Rocky Batzel, Inventor and CEO of SnapSlide, LLC. “For consumers with physical limitations, the cap provides convenience, accessibility, safety, and independence. For retail chains, it has the potential to transform child-resistant packaging from an undifferentiated commodity into a competitive advantage.“

Following its initial media introduction, a consumer awareness campaign will commence later in 2024 to showcase SnapSlide’s benefits to the general public and to non-profit groups in the disability space.

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