Sarasota, Florida based ALLIEDFLEX® Technologies, Inc. Introduces New Standup Pouch 360 VFFS Machinery Program by VELTEKO

ALLIEDFLEX® is a leader in providing global stand-up pouch and innovative pouch / bag packaging machinery systems from an elite group of well-respected global suppliers of flexible packaging machinery solutions. ALLIEDFLEX is the exclusive North American distributor for VELTEKO Packaging Machinery and has distributed and supported the VELTEKO machinery program for the past 13 years

VELTEKO is a prominent Czech Republic machinery manufacturer, specializing in vertical form, fill & seal (VFFS) packaging machinery with a focus on quality construction and advanced technology. The ALLIEDFLEX® – VELTEKO VFFS machinery program offers proven technology machinery operating in both intermittent and high-speed continuous motion.

The new VELTEKO Standup 360 model produces quality standup / zipper style packaging from pre-printed rollstock at speeds of up to 80 PPM for their Conti continuous motion model. The VELTEKO Standup 360 model has been “purpose engineered” to provide value with a specific focus on producing quality Standup Pouch packaging for a variety of products including snacks, confections, cereal, frozen foods, biscuits, crackers and cookies.

Flexible packaging is a growing trend fueled by the movement toward sustainability, source reduction, product marketing differentiation and consumer convenience.  Flexible packaging is replacing more expensive traditional rigid packaging formats and cartons. In recent years we have seen major market introductions in the frozen food, pet food, snack, bakery, dairy, confectionary, and chemical / detergent categories.


ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive North American Distributor for the total VELTEKO machinery program, providing a stand-alone machine or a complete turnkey system.

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