The Massman 4500 Series Single Fold Tin Tie Bag Finisher

Massman Automation Designs, LLC manufactures the 4500 Series tin tie applicator and bag finisher. The system automatically applies ties to bags (either inside or outside the single fold) using hot melt adhesive to ensure their stability, then folds the bag top and bends the tie to secure the package.

Tin tie closures are commonly used on bags containing coffee (both whole bean and ground) as well as various bakery products such as doughnuts and cookies but can be effective inclosing any vertical bag closed with a single fold. To support productivity in packaging production lines, the 4500 Series has been designed to integrate with a vertical form-fill-seal machine to efficiently produce reclosable packaging in a completely automated system. The 4500 Series produces closed filled bags at up to 80 bags per minute.

The 4500 Series machines feature robust construction, non-stop continuous motion operation and PLC-controlled automatic adjustment for different bag widths and matching tie lengths. The machine’s frame is adjustable to adjust machine bed height to match the height of the incoming conveyor. The 4500 Series machines are available in right- or left-hand models.

Additional available 4500 Series options include custom conveyors, bag feeding spacing units, a low tie detection system and a plow and tape down unit for tamper evidence security.

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