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Do-It Corporation

Since 1973, Do-It Corporation has been designing and making hang tabs for the packaging and merchandising display industries. Do-It also manufacturers merchandising display strips, printed hang tabs, carry handles, on-product instantly redeemable coupons (IRCs), shelf wobblers, and promotional bottle neck tabs. All Do-It products are designed to get your products noticed in the retail environment and increase sales.

Hang tabs and display strips allow a product to be displayed vertically, face-forward, increasing the product’s visibility. Increased visibility equals increased product awareness and sales. Do-It Hang Tabs also give products display flexibility – products can be displayed in several different locations within the same store. These display areas, in retail stores, are generally in the “eye-zone”, which is the “buy-zone” – creating impulse sales.

When incorporated into your packaging design, hang tabs are designed to hang products and reduce or eliminate bulky packaging required to professionally display products in retail stores. Reducing packaging reduces waste and starts an environmental chain reaction throughout the product package development process. Smaller packages need smaller master cartons, smaller inventory space, and less energy to transport. Less packaging also allows you to display more product in the same amount of space.

Do-It Hang Tabs can be provided in clear plastic or can be printed. All products can be produced in several plastic (including rPETG) and adhesive choices, depending on the performance requirements and customer preference. Do-It Products are safe and FDA approved for non-food contact.

Elmark Packaging

Master distributor of several lines and an innovator and designer of labeling equipment for special applications and needs. Sales by direct employees in the geographic area surrounding the main office with independent representation in most major areas in the US. Foreign offices include 3 in Canada, and Moscow, Russia. Labeling Equipment, Coding and Marking solutions, methods, and materials for adding information to packages and products. Self-adhesive label application equipment: semi-automatic, fully automatic, and custom systems. Shrink Sleeve Labelers and Heat Tunnels, off line printing, coding, and marking equipment: high resolution ink jet, thermal transfer, hot stamp, laser, ink jet and supplies for each. Die-cut printed and plain self-adhesive labels produced in our Connecticut and Pennsylvania plants.

FlexPackPRO®is America’s leading brand of mid-priced, high-performance thermal transfer coders for printing variable date codes, lot numbers, bar codes, text and graphics on flexible packaging films and labels.