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Packaging Technology Today conducted a Q&A with a leading marking & coding packaging manufacturer. Here is information on a new solution Matthews Marking is offering and hopefully you might find this information useful for your packaging operations.

  1. What are three benefits you want readers to know about your new powerful print management platform, the VIAjet™ L-Series thermal inkjet printer?

There are three primary benefits to our L-Series thermal inkjet printer.  The first is the high-speed at which it can print crisp, quality marks.  The L-series prints true 600 dpi at 200 ft/min and can print at speeds up to a blistering 1,600 ft/min at 75 dpi.

The second benefit is that precision isn’t sacrificed at these speeds.  Quality is critical, but precise placement is too which ensures accurate product traceability and outstanding branding.

The third primary benefit to the L-Series is MPERIA, our universal controller that provides centralized control, seamless business system integration and unparalleled scalability whether adding more printers, production lines, or even plants as the business grows.

  1. This new inkjet printer provides high print resolution at very high speeds, why is that important with this new printer?

The ability to print 600 dpi at 200 ft/min is critical in high throughput production environments for several reasons.  Whether marking for track and trace, branding, or retail shelf presence, our customers want to ensure their brand integrity is maintained in the markets they compete. Markets must be served and the old adage holds true: time is money. The high native resolution of our L-Series provides unmatched marking on porous and non-porous packaging materials.  Customers get 100% readable GTIN-standard 1D barcodes and 2D codes as well as high quality marking of graphics and logos. And  importantly, they get this without having to slow their production line.

  1. Can you explain a bit about the Active Bulk Ink System (ABIS)?

Our new bulk ink system reduces the cost-per-mark, waste, and saves labor on changeouts and maintenance. More primitive bulk ink systems in the industry haven’t always been able to step up to the plate and deliver, but here’s why this system is different. ABIS is the first bulk ink system for thermal inkjet printers that actively monitors and adapts for minor environmental changes like temperature or relative humidity.  These changes can play havoc with traditional ink delivery in TIJ printers: air-bubbles in ink lines, poor fluid transfer to the printheads, and the like.  The dual-supply ABIS also allows uninterrupted printing as customers can swap ink supply units during production runs. Additionally, ABIS is connected and controlled through the MPERIA controller.  This provides real-time information on system status, helpful guidance should an issue arise, and centralized control with remote access of both the L-Series and ABIS.

  1. What do you want to CPGs to know about the Active Bulk Ink System (ABIS)? What makes it different, faster, better, more cost-efficient, etc.

ABIS delivers incredible value to our customers with medium-to-speed production lines by increasing uptime while substantially reducing their cost per mark.  Inherently more efficient compared to single-use ink cartridges, ABIS keeps lines up for longer intervals. You don’t have to stop the line to change the ink supply and your staff spends fewer labor hours by not having to swap out cartridges. Plus, the small installation footprint means excellent flexibility for customers facing space constraints.

  1. You say this in the collateral “Setting a new standard in bulk ink reliability and quality”, can you speak to what end users or CPGs can expect when using this new Ink System?

Customers can expect an excellent return on their investment when implementing ABIS.  Cost reduction comes in the form of longer production runs with less downtime for changing cartridges and reduced ink costs driven by bulk supply.  The typical downfalls of competitive bulk systems are nullified with active environmental monitoring and adaption.  And ABIS handles both water-based and solvent-based inks, giving customers excellent marking on their porous and non-porous substrates.

  1. Does this new ink system work with any print management platform or does it only work with Matthew’s products?

ABIS is designed exclusively for Matthews Marking Systems’ VIAjet L-Series thermal inkjet printers.

  1. What applications did you envision this new Ink System to work on? What feedback have you received so far from those who have used it?

ABIS is perfectly suited for customers wanting to improve their marking on primary and secondary packaging.  Customers frustrated with headaches from Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) systems who might have previously been wary of moving to thermal inkjet printing have an excellent option with ABIS and the L-Series. Long production runs with reduced costs and easy maintenance offer a winning trifecta.  And the feedback we’ve received from customers has been incredibly positive. Customers appreciate how easy the system is to install, operate and maintain. They appreciate the cost savings achieved with a bulk supply and definitely like the full system visibility they get via MPERIA. Remote connectivity and monitoring has also been a plus, line operators and production management can check system functionality without being on the production floor.

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