TerraCycle Champions the Circular Economy on Global Recycling Day

International recycling leader spearheads innovative solutions to combat the waste crisis

As the world commemorates Global Recycling Day on March 18, TerraCycle® invites individuals, businesses, organizations, communities, and governments to join the journey towards a circular economy. For more than 20 years, the international recycling leader has pioneered innovative solutions to address the waste crisis, all centered around the mission of Eliminating the Idea of Waste®.

“TerraCycle continues to be at the forefront of recycling solutions for waste streams that have never been recycled before,” said Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle. “Our in-house scientists and material application specialists are always finding innovative new ways to recycle hard-to-recycle materials. What separates us from any other waste management company is our commitment to innovation and our dream of a world without waste.”

As a mission-driven company, TerraCycle is dedicated to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators through the following comprehensive recycling and reuse solutions:

  • TerraCycle offers hundreds of first-of-their-kind free recycling programs for otherwise unrecyclable products like wetsuitsinstrument stringspool floats, disposable razors, and more. To increase convenience for consumers, TerraCycle partners with retailers worldwide on in-store recycling initiatives and encourages its community of recyclers to set up public drop-off points for select recycling programs in their communities.
  • Through Zero Waste Box, TerraCycle provides a comprehensive, all-in-one recycling solution for virtually any waste stream not accepted through typical curbside recycling services, such as coffee capsulesart supplies, and plastic packaging. In honor of Global Recycling Day, we’re celebrating with a big sale on all Zero Waste Boxes from March 15 to March 18, no code necessary. Visit shop.terracycle.com to shop.
  • Recognizing the unique waste challenges different industries face, TerraCycle developed industry-specific recycling solutions SalonCycleScienceCycleVetCycle, and OfficeCycle, with plans to continue expanding into new sectors.
  • TerraCycle facilitates the effective and compliant management of regulated, universal, and hazardous waste, such as fluorescent lamps, solar panels, batteries, and electronic waste, through TerraCycle Regulated Waste and the recent acquisition of Complete Recycling Solutions.
  • In partnership with brands, retailers, and manufacturers, TerraCycle’s global reuse platform Loop enables the sale and collection of reusable and returnable versions of conventional single-use products in the United States, Japan, and France.
  • As a leader in waste innovation, TerraCycle continues to push boundaries and elevate discarded products people use every day, such as delivering baby wellness insights from poopy diapers through TerraCycle Discovery.
  • By capturing plastic waste from heavily polluted rivers and canals before it can reach the ocean, the TerraCycle Global Foundation’s approach addresses the complex factors that contribute to the increasing rates of plastic pollution; including education, community outreach, partnerships with businesses and local governments,  and recycling solutions for the collected materials.  This holistic approach to waterway cleanup can be replicated around the world.

To learn more about TerraCycle and its innovative recycling solutions, visit www.terracycle.com.


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