Packsize Advances Sustainability Efforts with New Paccurate Partnership and Launch of Innovative ‘Easy-Close’ Solution

Packsize®, the foremost leader in sustainable, right-sized, on-demand packaging, today announces a strategic partnership with Paccurate, enhancing the value for shippers by optimizing packaging efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact. Alongside, Packsize introduces Easy-Close, an innovative feature that can be added to the X7 on-demand packaging machine to simplify the returns process, representing a major advancement in cost-effective and consumer-friendly packaging solutions.

Strategic Partnership with Paccurate

Currently exclusive to North America, this partnership combines Paccurate’s sophisticated cartonization technology with Packsize’s cutting-edge on-demand packaging equipment, empowering shippers to reach new heights in packaging efficiency. By optimizing cubic volume and minimizing waste and transportation costs, this collaboration marks a significant step forward in achieving cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Paccurate users can utilize PacSimulate to identify the optimal moments for leveraging Packsize’s on-demand packaging technology, transforming the “perfect” simulation model from a benchmarking tool into a practical, achievable standard. Furthermore, Packsize users can now enhance their Warehouse Management System (WMS) cartonization with Paccurate’s API, which generates nearly unlimited box sizes for right-sized packaging machines, ensuring the ultimate packaging solution for parcel shippers.

“Partnering with Paccurate combines our strengths in right-sized, on-demand packaging technology with Paccurate’s advanced cartonization software, enabling us to further our mission to reduce supply chain emissions by reducing filler materials, wasted corrugated, and unnecessary truckloads,” said Steve Larsen, Packsize Vice President of Global Strategic Partnerships. “This collaboration is not just about technological integration; it’s about redefining what’s possible in packaging efficiency and freight savings. By leveraging the best of both platforms, we’re opening up new possibilities for shippers to optimize their packaging processes and meet their sustainability goals in previously unimaginable ways. It’s an exciting time for us, and we’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Paccurate.”

Launch of Easy-Close

In addition to the partnership with Paccurate, Packsize is proud to unveil Easy-Close, an innovative feature designed to improve the customer returns process while supporting sustainability goals. Integrated into the X7 on-demand packaging machine, Easy-Close adds an adhesive strip for easy package reclosure, promoting reusability and minimizing waste. This feature is particularly beneficial for sectors like e-commerce and apparel, which experience high return rates of up to 30% and strive for sustainability in their operations.

“Designing Easy-Close was about tackling a significant issue in the e-commerce and apparel industries—making returns as hassle-free and as environmentally sustainable as possible for the customer,” said Jesse Nelson, X7 Product Manager at Packsize. “We aimed to create a packaging solution that reduces environmental impact by decreasing waste while improving the customer experience. Easy-Close is a testament to our dedication to innovative, customer-focused solutions that contribute to more efficient and greener packaging practices.”

These initiatives underscore Packsize’s commitment to leading the industry toward greater sustainability and customer engagement. The partnership with Paccurate and the launch of Easy-Close not only advance Packsize’s mission of delivering innovative packaging solutions but also align with its vision for a more sustainable and efficient future. Together, these developments provide tangible economic and environmental benefits, further establishing Packsize as a pioneering force in sustainable packaging and logistics.

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