Mondi Earns Four WorldStar Packaging Awards

The coveted WorldStar Global Packaging Awards recognize exceptional packaging innovations on a global stage, attracting 435 entries from 41 countries in 2024.  The awards ceremony and gala will be held in Bangkok in June.

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper solutions, receeived WorldStar Global Packaging Awards across four categories:

Hug&Hold, Non-Alcoholic Beverages category
Protector Bag ExpandForm, Packaging Materials and Components category
Statorfold, Transit category
Mix-Berry, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables category

“We are thrilled to see our sustainable and innovative packaging solutions receive global acclaim. Our collaborative efforts with valued customers drive us to create solutions that not only solve their challenges but also set industry benchmarks. These prestigious awards are a testament to the creativity and hard work of our teams, and we’re excited to bring more groundbreaking ideas to life in the coming year,” says Markus Gärtner, CEO Mondi Corrugated Packaging.

“Receiving accolades from the WorldStar Awards highlights Mondi’s commitment to sustainable packaging design. Our award-winning products showcase our dedication to helping customers achieve their sustainability goals, ensuring packaging becomes part of a circular economy. We look forward to showcasing our packaging innovations on the global stage at the Awards Ceremony in Bangkok,” says Thomas Ott, CEO Mondi Flexible Packaging.


Hug&Hold is a paper packaging solution that is designed to wrap and transport PET beverage bottles, replacing plastic shrink wrap. It comprises of two elements that are 100% paper based; the first a sleeve made of kraft paper that wraps around the bottles to hold them securely, and the second a corrugated clip which holds the bottles around the neck and offers a comfortable handle for transportation. This sustainable, functional and fully automated alternative to plastic shrink wrap means that FMCG brands and beverage producers can safely switch to the new solution without any risk to their product or logistics. It is recyclable and suitable for existing paper waste streams throughout Europe.

Protector Bag ExpandForm

The Protector Bag ExpandForm replaces the current plastic packaging for mattress rollpacking with a flexible and recyclable paper bag solution. Developed in collaboration with Megaflex Schaumstoff, a family-owned manufacturer for flexible foams, mattresses and sleeping products, the innovative packaging not only helps to reduce plastic waste but also ensures optimal product protection and handling during the transportation and storage of rolled mattresses. Its unique design and superior strength provide secure packaging that retains its shape and protects the mattresses throughout the transport journey.


Designed by Mondi Ansbach in conjunction with Swedish packaging company, aPak, the Statorfold corrugated solution protects sensitive electric car motor components during transport and storage. The new cardboard design replaces the client’s former plastic packaging and reduces material use, weight and volume by 25%. The strong and study interior protects the delicate parts from shocks or pressure by allowing them to ‘hang freely’, with all weight evenly distributed on four solid bulges. A specifically-developed anti-corrosion bag protects it from moisture and corrosion, and acts as a protective layer against dust and scratches. The modular construction is delivered flat and is assembled fast and easily without glue or other fasteners. The construction is just as easy to dismantle when it’s time for recycling.


Mix-Berry is a sustainable packaging solution designed for the safe transport of groceries, particularly delicate berries. The packaging is easy to install and features a pick-up-&-go handle, while it can also be transported flat in order to support stacking tabs and maximise warehouse and shipping advantages. Eliminating the need for plastic entirely, Mix-Berry is 100% recyclable and paper-based. The strong corrugated cardboard fully protects the food product inside while also prolonging its shelf life, further supporting the circular economy by not only reducing packaging waste but also food waste.

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