Industrial Indexing Systems

IISIndustrial Indexing Systems (IIS) was founded in 1977 and is located in Victor, NY, near the junction of I490 and I90, exit 45 of the New York State Thruway.

To accommodate the steady growth we’ve experienced over the years, our facility expanded several times to its present 17,000 square foot capacity. This location houses all critical departments – Sales, Marketing, Applications Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Panel Shop, Quality Control and Customer Support. Having everything under one roof speeds communications and provides better service to our customers

A Solution Development Guaranty
Our approach to customer relations starts with assisting either the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an end user in the solution development process. Once a solution is agreed upon, we then stand behind that solution with a 100% guaranty or their money back.

How do we sustain this philosophy?

  • By assisting customers to envision what they require for the optimum motion control solution in a form that bests accomplishes their cost and their performance goals. We listen and engineer a solution to accomplish these goals. We are the customer’s expertise when it comes to automation controls for precise high-speed motion process.
  • By conveying an atmosphere for active product development, customer support commitments, and follow-through with customer’s expectations. We develop constant communication between all departments and the customer to accelerate problem identification and efficient resolution.
  • By providing a wide range of electrical/mechanical options and versatile software capability with the IIS controller for quick development of solutions using off-the-shelf built-to-last components.
  • By presenting a custom solution when off-the-shelf system components may not meet a customer’s requirements. Thirty-eight plus years providing solutions that are cost effective and reliable allows IIS to repurpose its proven technologies to develop a new solution for unique requirements in machine automation or in product design.

Years of Successful Development
IIS has provide thousands of motion control system installations for major players in the converting and packaging industries. Below is a sampling of our customers, past and present, for which we have maintained or do maintain support.

Pactiv, Graham Packaging, Closure Systems, Mobil Chemical (now Reynolds), Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, Corning, Stolle Machinery, Berry Plastics, Ro-An, PCMC, Kimberly Clark, ABM International, Hudson Sharp, Gribetz International, Legget and Platt, Erle Perforating, Hendrix Perforating, Diamond Perforating.

Short History
In the 38 years of design, development, and manufacture of electronic motion control components IIS has always featured state-of-the-art technology in its products.  Below is a time line of past and present product development.

1977 to 1980 ­- One, one and half, and two axis multi-board programmable motion control systems integrated with a variety servomotors brands.

1981 to 1983 – Developed a cost effective single-board single-axis controller using resolver and encoder based feedback systems.  Motion Master MM-10 systems featured a variety of simple configurations and the flexibility to allow effective positioning and velocity control solutions.

1984 to 1994 – Introduced the first 8 axis motion controller, the MSC-800.  This controller evolved over the next ten years to feature electronic cams, electronic gearing, and connectivity to the PC.  The MSC product family also provided numerous PLC features such as programmable digital and analog I/O, HMI interfacing and fiber optic networking for expansion. IIS programming tools were first to offer integrated progrEMC2100s2profileshotam editing, compiling, and real-time program tracing functionality onto a PC platform to help minimize the time for software development.  The hardware and software were updated in 1992 to feature a 32 bit MSC-850 system that is still supported today.

1995 to Present – IIS purchased the Toshiba/Toei servo business from Toshiba International Corp in Houston Texas. With this acquisition, IIS became the exclusive sales and service provider for Toshiba servo products in North America. This relationship continues today with the introduction of Toshiba Machine’s X Series servomotors and drivers.

1996 to 2004 – The Emerald 2000 Series Automation Controller was introduced using Sercos II networking for 15 axis of servo control. This new controller expanded the MSC series controller’s functionality and offered more compact hardware design and faster communication to the servo drives.

2000 to 2006 – Delta Motor/Drive Systems offered many configurations to provide analog/digital control, single axis positioning and Sercos II connectivity to interface with the upgraded Emerald 2005 controller.

2002 to Present – Intelligent Servo Drive technology design features total custom servo control solutions for the original equipment manufacture’s market.  With unlimited physical forms and open software functionally, the customer can request a unique, compact and protected design branded with their product name.

2005 to Present – A new customer portal dedicated to facilitate efficient repair activity goes on-line.  This portal design allows a customer to initiate, approve, and check the status of their repaired products directly from the cloud.

2007 to Present – The Emerald Drive technology is introduced to replace the Delta Series Drive system.  Designed and manufactured at the IIS facility, this new product line is cost effective and is directly supported by the IIS staff.

2010 to Present – A redesign of the Emerald controller series brings the Emerald 2100 series automation controller into the market.  This new design allows 32 axis of control with the option of using the Sercos II network or the Sercos III network to communicate with servo drive systems.  Panel space used is one third of its predecessor, the Emerald 2005.

2013 to Present – For the low cost semi-custom OEM controls market IIS introduces the Luminary series drive and controller product line. Offered to the light industrial, medical lab, and office equipment markets, Luminary products feature the same programmability of the Emerald controller but with a smaller horsepower range and up to four axis of control in a more compact form.

Our objective in 1977 remains our objective today: bring state-of-the-art servo system products to practical use on the factory floor. Whether it is a complete turnkey system or servo components, IIS’ commitment to quality products and personalized support is unsurpassed.

Industrial Indexing Systems is proud to be a member of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA), SERCOS North America (SErial Realtime COmmunications System) and CC-Link Partner Association.



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