Epson Global Climate Barometer Reveals Climate Change as the Top Global Concern, Technology Seen as an Enabler to Solve the Crisis

An Epson survey reveals Americans are most concerned with rising prices and climate change. Image Courtesy of Epson.

The results of this year’s “Epson Global Climate Barometer” are in, and it captures views of over 30,000 people in 39 countries, attempting to better understand global responses to climate change. The survey reveals that while globally more people now cite climate change as a major global issue over any other, the issue that seems to be plaguing more than half of U.S. respondents most are the economic challenges facing the country, followed by climate change. As the U.S. has experienced  record-breaking temperatures in recent months, with this trend expecting to continue, with more extreme heat waves, wildfires and droughts predicted in the coming years, a majority of Americans surveyed are optimistic that a climate disaster will be averted in their lifetime (52%). 

Now in its third year, the Barometer is published as evidence grows of catastrophic climate change: with record high sea temperatures; record low levels of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice; and extreme climate events across the world. As we approach COP 28, a United Nations Climate Change Conference in the UAE, Epson this year specifically focused on the unique perspectives of those born since the first COP in 1995 – the “Eco Generation” – exploring their experiences and needs as they act to tackle climate change/

“The world is acknowledging that climate change is one of the biggest and most challenging issues of our lives. And while we should be optimistic that action will lead to positive change, we must not let this optimism limit our actions, but inspire them,” said Kendra Jones, chief legal and chief sustainability officer, Epson America. “We believe technology is part of the answer, but the solutions need to be affordable and collaborative.”

Survey Optimism Level Highlights

Sentiment U.S.  Global
More optimistic that we will solve the climate crisis in their lifetime Eco Generation (43%) Eco Generation (49%)
Less optimistic that we will solve the climate crisis in their lifetime 30 years and older (55%) 45-54 age group (42%) and 55+ age group (32%)

Climate Action and Technology

When asked what positive climate actions they already take, the Eco Generation records lower levels of action than the global average in nine of the 14 categories. While climate positive action is widespread, there are groups of respondents who state that they will never act across key areas. 

In the U.S., Americans are already taking the following top actions to mitigate the climate emergency:

  • Use more reusable goods, i.e., reusable shopping bags (53%)
  • Improved recycling habits (53%)
  • Reduced plastic use (51%)
  • Planning to switch to renewable energy in the future (42%)

Barometer respondents see technology as the most important weapon in the fight against catastrophic climate change. When asked what they believed was the most important thing that a business could do to tackle the issue, in the U.S., 44% cited investment in environmental technologies. 


“As adverse impacts accelerate, now more than ever, we need to understand attitudes towards ongoing climate change. Epson is fully committed to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 through positive climate action – and to delivering solutions that enrich lives and build a better world,” said Yasunori Ogawa, global president of Epson. “The Global Climate Barometer gives us insights into how climate change transforms the ways we live – and how we can all combat it. We believe listening to the younger generation will help governments, communities and companies better align positive action to support those for whom climate change has been a lifelong reality.”

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