Die-Cutting & Finishing Tips

Kieran Label Corporation can accommodate a wide range of dies depending on the labels final use. We can also help eliminate expensive tooling costs and turn-around time with an inventory of almost 6,000 dies.

We can also help determine the best number of labels to run on a roll or sheet based on cost needs and machines using for final application.

Die-Cutting Tips

  • Die-Cut Labels – The most common label cut, typically provided in a roll. (Machine applied and most machine imprinted labels are die-cut) Includes round-corner rectangle, circle, oval, burst or other special shapes. A steel die with multiple cavities is created to cut through the face stock and adhesive but not the liner. The waste around the label is removed, leaving the label on the liner and ready to use. Die-cut labels are easily removed from the liner and less likely to lift in extreme environments.
  • Butt-Cut Labels – Rectangle-shaped, square-corner label, typically provided on a roll. Labels are separated from each other by straight blade cut with no gaps or extra liner around label. Butt-cut blade cuts through face and adhesive but not the liner. Does not accommodate bleeds.
  • Die-Cut Pin-Fed Labels –Commonly used to add variable, computer-generated information. Can be fan-folded or on rolls. These die-cut labels have pinfeed holes in the liner for use with a dot-matrix printer. Die-cut pin-fed labels need 3/8” to 1/2″ space on each side of the label and minimum 3 1/2″ of liner width for use with the printer.
  • Sheet Labels – Rectangle-shaped, square-corner label delivered in individual sheets. A sheeter blade cuts through the face stock, adhesive and liner. A top score or back score is used to allow easy removal of the label from the liner. Does not accommodate bleeds.

Finishing Tips

The most common finish forms include rolls, sheets or fan-folded.

  • Rolls – Spooled or rolled on a core. Typically 1,000 labels rolled on a 3” diameter core but other sizes and labels per roll available. Common types of rolled labels: shipping labels, product and promo labels, thermal transfer and direct thermal labels.
  • Sheets – Single sheet labels usually contain back or top score. Can be bulk packed, poly bagged or shrink wrapped. Often used for bumper stickers or laser labels.
  • Fan-folded – Die-cut labels with a perforation across the liner are folded back and forth, in the appearance of a fan, to create a stack of labels. Typically used for computer pin-fed labels.

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