Portable Drum Scale Weighs and Fills

Pennsylvania Scale Company (pascale.com) introduces the ‘Drum Bunny’ portable drum weighing and filling scale system. This is the first of a line of products targeted to Lean Manufacturing, Shop Material Control and solution-based weighing applications. Model M6300-24R-1K provides convenient dispensing or filling of material right from the platform. The unique aspect is it can be moved easily with the load on the platform saving the need to set up the scale and reload it at the new location. The design overcomes all of the issues of 4-load cell platforms in portable applications and large industrial polyurethane wheels make moving it easy.

Designed for a wide range of drum filling and handling applications, the Drum Bunny is suited for process and material control of both liquid or dry ingredients, chemicals, additives, printing inks, adhesives, and a wide range of efficient material handling situations.

The package includes the EXP Indicator system with on-board power supply that provides continuous operation using USB-based power sources. This indicator provides for counting and weighing portability, using familiar software and components in a new compact enclosure- with the preferred red LED display for production environments. With a second power pack, the system can run around-the-clock. This and non-portable versions allow continuous monitoring of material usage to prevent production delays and outages of critical inks and additives.