Dorner to Showcase Innovative Automation Technologies at Booth 1527 at PACK EXPO East 2024

Dorner is set to unveil its latest innovations in material handling technology at Pack Expo East 2024 in Philadelphia alongside their partner company Garvey. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and reliability in production environments, Dorner & Garvey will present a lineup of demo conveyors designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Dorner ( is a global leader in the design, applications, manufacturing, and integration of conveyor automation systems. New Jersey-based Garvey ( is a recognized leader in the conveyor and accumulation industry, serving customers of all sizes primarily in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and household products industries.

Among the featured conveyors is the ERT150, an industry-ready solution engineered for the conveyance of medical and cleanroom-based product assembly. Boasting a versatile low back pressure platform, the ERT150 offers seamless and adaptable performance for a range of applications in appliance, electronics, automotive, and consumer goods assembly. It’s simple and effective design, including non-contact zoning and slip roller accumulation capability, ensures safe and efficient operation while minimizing downtime. With ISO Class 4 verification for cleanroom applications, the ERT150 sets a new standard for precision and reliability.

Also on display will be the FlexMove Wedge Conveyors, designed to facilitate the swift and secure transfer of products between different levels on the production floor. Constructed with lightweight yet durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, these conveyors offer rapid transfer rates ideal for continuous, high-capacity operations. Whether used for packaging lines, medical packaging, or cosmetic applications, the FlexMove Wedge Conveyors provide unmatched versatility and hygiene standards compliance.

Attendees can explore the new AquaGard GT, a revolutionary sanitary conveyor that combines Dorner’s AquaGard 7100 with Garvey’s GT series conveyors. Built with a stainless-steel frame and FDA-approved plastic components, the AquaGard GT features a flexible chain belt design that is pinch-free and suitable for lines with multiple curves and inclines. With its low-friction chain for high-capacity accumulation, the AquaGard GT seamlessly integrates into packaged food and bottling lines, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency.

In addition to these innovative solutions, Dorner will showcase the small AGLP conveyor, known for its quick five-minute belt change feature and bolt slider mechanism for fast single point belt tensioning. With a streamlined design and V-Groove frame, the AGLP conveyor ensures accurate tracking and fits seamlessly into tight spaces.

Garvey will be showcasing their Infinity RX, a tabletop accumulator developed as a simple and effective rotary table replacement. This innovative solution out-feeds products faster than traditional rotary tables with reduced pressure and noise, allowing for efficient accumulation and minimized product damage.

To see how the entire collection of Dorner & Garvey’s automation platforms can help your automation, e-commerce, material handling, food and packaging applications, make plans to visit our booth 1527 at PACK EXPO East 2024. For more information on Dorner’s conveyor platforms, visit

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