Racetrack Accumulation Feeds Hand Pack Operation

… sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not.

Multi-Conveyor recently built a series of conveyor technologies designed to tactically transport a granulated or whole bean dry beverage product. Product travels from two bagger discharges, though curves and elevations, ultimately depositing onto a continuous running loop where it is staged for hand-packing. (Note: Product used in this video is for demonstration purposes only.)

The product simultaneously ascends up two 12” wide side flexing incline conveyor sections at parallel locations. The first incline incorporates a 90° x 24” radius curve to align the product narrow edge leading, dropping onto a descending transfer plate that merges product into the non-stop recirculating loop.

The second incline takes the product through a single straight incline, also narrow edge leading. The product then discharges from their respective locations onto a “racetrack style” accumulation conveyor.

The continuous 60 FPM loop uses two 180° x 24” radius curves that sandwich two 13’ straight running sections. Hand-pack Operators will be stationed along the outer length of the looping conveyor where they will manually load product into cases prior to a case sealer.

The sequence of product transition was critical to ensure the bags were easy-to-grab while minimizing product overlapping. Loop conveyors are not a stereotype accumulation choice. Yet, this was the perfect solution for continual, immediate product accessibility required for this hand-pack operation.

About Multi-Conveyor

Multi-Conveyor is a leading manufacturer of both pre-engineered standard and uniquely designed custom conveyor solutions for CPGs, End-Users, Integrators, Engineering firms, Automation/Robotics, AI, OEM’s and Contract Packagers across multiple markets. Our products are multiple and unique. No single conveyor product defines Multi-Conveyor. We specialize in conveyor systems for packaging or material handling for nearly every industry, product, shape and size. Our customers report they select Multi-Conveyor for concept/design, engineering skills, quality product, best value and prompt delivery.

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