New State-of-the-Art iFoiler™ Induction Cap Sealing System for Medical Applications

The new iFoiler™ features all the options available on other ITW Pillar Technologies sealing models, such as a reject mechanism and an infeed bottle stop. But it also has other standard features, such as password-protected supervisory settings, diagnostic help screens, uploadable event logs, recipe menus, intuitive set-up screens and multiple language support.

Its “quick-connect” systems allows for full integration of options such as a detection package, reject mechanism and an in-feed bottle stop and over/under seal alarms.

The design of the new iFoiler™ is also significantly more compact, so it is easier to place it within the line and improve efficiency.

Application-Driven + IP65
Applications can be saved within the memory of the iFoiler™, and can be called up independently with selected parameters. Sealing of aluminum foil liner technologies, including vented liners, are a standard capability. Patented sealing coils are removable from the generator without tools, which improves productivity. In addition, the iFoiler™ is available as IP65-ready for complete protection against wash-down routines in packaging line environments.

Energy Efficient / Sustainable
The iFoiler™ is a greener, more sustainable induction sealer for your workplace. This energy efficient, yet powerful digital design, is compact, lightweight and multi-functional for years of technologically advanced sealing.