Banner’s TL50 Andon Tower Light Provides Easy-to-See Operator Interaction

Industrial automation manufacturer, Banner Engineering, introduced the TL50 Andon Tower Light, designed to enhance and improve industrial workstations.

Andon lights are crucial for maintaining productivity and reducing downtime. Often used to provide workstation status in call-for-parts and part-picking applications, the Andon can be used to signal changes in status so others can quickly respond to and identify issues. The TL50 Andon Tower light is locally operated to give operators complete control. Unlike other color-lensed tower lights, the TL50 Andon’s translucent grey segments show no color when off, eliminating false indication from ambient light. An omnidirectional audible alarm is available to alert workers to various conditions.

Pre-assembled to a control box for easy-to-see status, these three- or four-segment tower lights are rugged, easy to install, and simple to operate. The control box uses status LEDs to mimic the tower light status color and animation. This allows workers to see which status is showing without having to stop to look up at the tower light. To prevent confusion to button functionality, the white area is space for custom labeling. Having an easy and quick way to see status helps reduce time troubleshooting issues while improving efficiency.

Unlike traditional mechanical Andon buttons that can fail after repeated use, the control box features capacitive touch buttons for built-in reliability. With capacitive touch, users can operate the control box with or without gloves. A tap of the button turns the corresponding status LED and tower light segment on or off. Additionally, operators can touch and hold the button for one second to activate the flashing function. For added flexibility, three, four, or five integral capacitive touch button configurations allow for customized function.

Quick installation enables minimal disruption to production. Featuring an entirely all-in-one design, simply connect to a local DC power supply or Banner PSW-24-1 into an existing outlet to get started. The TL50 Andon comes with three options for pre-assembled stand-off pipe lengths: 300 mm, 600 mm, or 900 mm, and includes a 4-pin threaded M12 connector for ease of installation.

Banner Engineering manufactures industrial automation products that include sensors, smart IIoT and industrial wireless products, LED lights and indicators, machine safety equipment, as well as barcode scanners and machine vision devices. These products help produce the cars we drive, the food we eat, the medicine we take, and many of the things we touch every day. Headquartered in Minneapolis since 1966, Banner is an industry leader with more than 10,000 active products, operations on six continents, and a worldwide team of over 5,500 employees. Every 2 seconds a Banner product is installed somewhere in the world. Online at

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