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PACK EXPO International is the most efficient and effective way to discover packaging and processing solutions for over 40 vertical markets. For more information and to register, visit Please link to:

The event showcases entire production line solutions and offer attendees everything needed to compete in a changing marketplace. See the latest conference news at

South Building Booth Highlights

ALLIEDFLEX (Booth S-3819) recently announced an exclusive sales and marketing collaboration with HDG in North America, and HDG will debut their model HDG RB-200 PD PUSH & DOSE. The HDG RB-200 system will be configured to produce the HDG revolutionary patented push and dose dispensing pouch system, ideal for replacing traditional rigid dispensing bottles and container. Learn more at

Antares Vision Group (Booth S-3756) will showcase its all-in-one equipment portfolio for food & beverage applications. The series incorporates multiple inspection controls into single machines, maximizing production space and manpower efficiencies while offering exemplary quality assurance including regulatory compliance, container integrity and detection of contaminants and micro-leaks, weight control and labelling/print verification for expiration dates and lot codes. The combo units draw upon technology from AVG subsidiary FT System, as well as inspection controls specialist Pen-Tec. Learn more at

Fresh-Lock® closures (Booth S-3541) a leading brand in reclosable packaging technology, will showcase meaningful advances in sustainable flexible packaging. On Monday, Oct. 24 at 1:00 p.m. (CST), Todd Meussling, senior manager of market development, will host “Tackling Packaging Challenges and Pressures” on Innovation Stage 1 (N4560). This 30-minute panel discussion will examine how businesses can balance the pressures of sustainable flexible packaging through collaboration.

IMA Dairy & Food (Booth S-2514) will showcase the Hassia F600 form-fill-seal machine, which produces four-sided sealed sachets at a pace of up to 80 cycles/minute on as many as 16 lanes. The unit runs a single wide roll located at floor level for easy changeover and front-and-back sachet registration – an option offering more printing choices than traditional two-roll machines. The F600 can handle rolls as wide as 1.200mm with a diameter of 800mm, and can yield up to 16 hours of run time between roll changes; the result is significantly reduced downtime and boosted productivity. Learn more at

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection (Booth S-1714) will demonstrate a variety of new inspection systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries . The company will demonstrate its metal detectors, checkweighers, X-ray and vision inspection systems, track and trace solutions, as well as its data management and connectivity software. Experts will be available to explain the features and benefits of each system and discuss individual applications. Learn more at

Multi-Conveyor (Booth S-3401) will have many conveyor technologies on display, with scan and go technology that links to everything they make, and a hyper-speed technology video that’s viewable in less than 30 seconds. Plus, see a running loop conveyor that’s jam packed with solutions, and rotary accumulation and unscrambling in action. Learn more at and email: for more information.

Syntegon (S-3514) will launch the new Intelligent Direct Handling (IDH) pick-and-place system for cookies, crackers and biscuits, and experts will showcase comprehensive system competence with displays of the RPP robotic pick-and-place platform in combination with a MEC endload cartoner, as well as a SVE 2520 Doy Zip vertical bagger with an Elematic 3001 case packer. For more information about Syntegon Technology, visit

Waldner North America (booth S-3106) will showcase precision-engineered systems that can run at 95% Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) over a working life that lasts years, and packaging experts, including Karl Angele, will be available to discuss smart solutions in filling and sealing.

WIPOTEC–OCS (S-4172) will introduce its most flexible quality control machine series to date. The modular design of the TQS-MD Series offers various combinations of product-specific quality control solutions, including weighing, marking and verifying, labeling, metal detection & serialization/aggregation. For more information, visit

West Building Booth Highlights

Cremer (W-13014), a leading supplier of product counting machines in the U.S. for a wide array of applications, will highlight its novel counting solution for gummy applications. The HQS 1250 Counting & Dispensing Machine is ideal for gummy applications in the nutraceutical sector, and was developed in partnership with filler manufacturer Spee-Dee. Learn more at

HERMA US Inc. (W-17016 ) the subsidiary of HERMA GmbH – a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace – is partnering with New Jersey-based automation specialist Norwalt to exhibit HERMA’s 252M Tube & Syringe Labeler with an automatic tray unloading system from Norwalt. Learn more at

HexcelPack (W-21029), a developer of eco-friendly, paper-based protective cushioning solutions to replace bubble packaging and other plastic or foam-based materials, will allow visitors to “wrap for themselves” by utilizing the company’s Mini Packing Station™ and will showcase HexcelWrap™ cushioning paper for e-commerce, retail catalogue, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) and contract packaging applications. Learn more at

MG America (Booth W-15003) the U.S. subsidiary of MG2 of Bologna, Italy is a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment. They will debut the latest cartoner from pharma machinery provider Cariba. The C221 Cartoner is an intermittent motion horizontal model capable of producing up to 120 cartons/minute. For more information, visit 

NJM (booth W-17002), a ProMach product brand, will present the Dara NFL/2 aseptic filling and closing machine for ready-to-use syringes in the Healthcare Packaging Pavilion. Ideal for biotech companies and 503B pharmacies packaging suspensions, diagnostics, solutions and/or vaccines, the NFL/2 handles nests of pre-sterilized syringes as well as vials and cartridges.

Schreiner MediPharm (Booth W-15047), a Germany-based global provider of innovative functional label solutions for the healthcare industry, will debut sustainability-minded hanging labels for infusion bottles, and labels for autoinjector pens. Learn more at

North Building Booth Highlights

Dorner (N-5725) is demonstrating many of its conveyor platforms, including the new 2700 Medium Duty and the new 3200 Material Handling conveyor. They will also be showing its conveyor solutions for food handling, e-commerce and other automation platforms. Learn more at

Bartelt (N-5340) is showcasing its new joint effort with Texwrap (N-5346) to introduce the next generation of single roll bundling systems, the Kayat SRX Series. The SRX Series gives customers the much sought-after packaging equipment for shrink bundling pre-formed trays of product with the option to add graphics with print registered shrink film. Texwrap will also be demonstrating its packaging solutions for other e-commerce applications

Brenton (Booth N-5546) is launching a new continuous motion side-load case packer aimed at CPQ customers looking to pack between 30 and 50 cases per minute. The M3000 Case Packer is designed to fill a need for mid-range manufacturers of packaged personal care and food products to pack up to 50 wrap-around or tray-style cases per minute.

Edson (Booth N-5348) is debuting its new KDF (knocked down flat) Stack Prep System, a robotic cell that automates the infeed area of a case packer. The KDF Stack Prep System was developed in response to customers looking to integrate automation into more aspects of packaging. Automating the stack prep process frees up an operator to other areas of production when their skills can be put to better use, especially amid industry-wide staffing shortages.

Matrix (Booth N-5334) is launching its newly designed MVC-300 continuous box-motion bagger with the latest high performance servo system control. The MVC-300 allows users to run a variety of films at faster speeds and with better accuracy. Updates also include enhanced remote connectivity for service, updates, and diagnostic capabilities without danger of facility firewall compromise.

Orion (Booth N-5646) is displaying its vast array of stretch and pallet wrapping solutions, including its S-Carriage InstaThread Pre-stretch Film Carriage and LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor. Both machines are impressive to see, and will be in action showing how they added efficiencies and productivity to end-of-line operations.

Ossid (Booth N-5330) is bringing its food and medical-related packaging machines, including the ReeMatic 250 tray sealer, to the show. Designed to meet the needs of medium- to high-level processors, the ReeMatic 250 produces ambient, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and vacuum skin packaging (VSP) styles.

Quest (Booth N-5440) is playing a major role in a large, fully operating integrated flexible pouch packaging line involving Wexxar Bel and Bartelt. The integrated pouch packaging line stars a Quest Quik Pick QP100 robotic case packer and a Quest Box Bot palletizer. The Quik Pick QP100 is an ideal pick-and-place robotic case packing solution for direct food handling. The Quest Box Bot, a space-saving robotic palletizer with a small footprint.

Rennco (Booth N-5648) is  debuting its new TruSeal Sealing System, which is the perfect blend of new technology and Rennco’s proven heat-sealing concepts. Its new technology provides a square or “true” sealing environment, perfectly executing proper alignment while giving the operator an easy and straightforward process that eliminates guesswork.

Wexxar  Bel (Booth N-5446) will showcase the BEL 5150E, one of the first semi-automatic case forming, packing and sealing solutions with auto adjust case size changeover designed primarily for low to mid-speed e-commerce applications. Servo motors are integrated into all three changepoints to allow for a quick and automated size change. Pack-cell design has recently been redesigned with inline product delivery and pick to light case access to minimize operator motion and increase throughput.

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