PC Industries

176 Ambrogio Dr
Gurnee, IL 60031

PC Industries designs and manufactures the widest range of high quality vision inspection and quality improvement products. With systems that have a proven track record in even the most demanding industries, PC Industries is the inspection supplier you can count on for unmatched quality and support. From pre-press to press and even through final packaging and shipping, PC Industries provides the vision inspection systems you need to help ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

PC Industries offers:
• 100% Inspection Systems for narrow web, wide web, and sheetfed applications. From basic to full-featured, PC Industries offers 3 different solutions for complete web inspection. The Guardian PQV offers the most capable and the widest range of inspection features, including bar code grading and verification, sequential data check, OCR/OCV, dimensional measurement, and defect roll mapping. The Guardian MINI is a customizable system engineered for focused inspection and use on typically difficult to inspect applications, such as transmissive or foil substrates. The Guardian LSI inspects for typical print defects, missing labels, and unremoved matrix. It is PC Industries’ entry level, full web inspection system.

• Pre-press, offline, and PDF Proofing and Inspection to assist in quality and revision control both on and off the press. The Guardian OLP verifies samples and production proofs against customer approved originals for pre-press verification, first article inspection, end of roll check, shipping verification, and certificate of inspection reports.

• Digital Web Viewers that provide an economical web monitoring solution. The Graphic-Vision 500 Series provides high resolution cameras and LED lighting, offering a crisp image of the web at nearly any speed.

• Advanced Spectrophotometer combined with PC Industries’ most advanced, automatically positioning digital web viewer to provide the most reliable, accurate, and easiest to use spectrophotometry on the market. The GV-Spectro offers absolute color measurement with real-time reporting.

• Register Control, Re-register, and Length Monitoring systems that bring quality control to most every aspect of the press run. These systems are vital for jobs that run pre-printed or flexible substrates, die cuts, and fold lines.