The ShurSEAL® Packaging Solution — For the Way You Do Business

All it takes is one little click… and a package is sent on one, amazing journey. So, it’s important to have a solution that ensures a secure seal every time.

The ShurSEAL solution is equipped with patented wipe-down technology that drives the adhesive deeper into the corrugated fibers and ensures that the full profile of the tape – including the middle is wiped-down the seam of the carton closure. This creates a stronger, more uniform bond that delivers two and a half times more adhesion than other systems. With this process, it takes three times more force to open a box sealed with ShurSEAL. So, a drop, a toss, or a little extra stacking is no big deal.

Making sure the package arrives safely at your customer’s doorstep will definitely leave a lasting positive impression.

Shurtape® | HVAC Tape, Duct Tape, Packaging Tape & More

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