Mini Wrap Can Labeling System

Mini Wrap Can Labeling System specifically designed to apply long, narrow labels to low profile cans.


Built to Order:
There are many reasons to choose Re-Pack labeling equipment. One of the strongest is the fact that our machines are made to order. Many of the major components used in our applicators are similar to one another, enabling us to build the basic platform of the labeling head in advance and assemble it to exact customer specifications. This allows us to quickly produce specially designed systems at a reasonable price while improving the overall performance of the machinery.

Our applicators are designed to function as part of our labeling systems, to be used as a stand-alone device, or to be integrated with existing packaging machinery. The small size allows us to mount the applicator in spaces that would normally not accommodate labeling equipment; such as under conveyors and inside enclosures. The versatile mounting brackets enable the labeling head to be placed at unusual angles and in close proximity to other equipment.

Ease of Adjustment:
All Re-Pack equipment is designed with versatility in mind. With standard features such as, “Self-Teach”, encoder following speed control, and application memory storage, difficult changeovers are a thing of the past. Our applicators have built-in electronic delay circuits which eliminate the need for most mechanical adjustments. All adjustments are made via the front panel of the control box making it possible for the operator to make critical placement adjustments on the fly. This greatly reduces setup related down time and drastically improves productivity.

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