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Premier Global Supplier of Polyester Film

Filmquest is the leading merchant converter specializing in polyester film. We supply converters that print, coat, laminate, and metallize all grades of polyester film. Learn more about us, or watch our video.

Filmquest supplies Questar™ polyester film (PET film) in slit-to-width rolls, cut sheets, and fabricated components. Our complete production facilities make our lead times far shorter than polyester film manufacturers and keep our prices low.
What is Questar™ polyester film?

Questar polyester film rollsComparable to Mylar®, Questar™ film is available in all grades, in thicknesses from 25 to 1400 gauge. Clarity levels range from crystal clear to opaque white. All PET film can be supplied with a variety of surface treatments to suit your application.

If you are beginning the selection process, see our article Polyester Film Sourcing: Tips to Improve the Bottom Line. If you are ready to dig into the details, see our specifications on Questar™ Polyester Film.

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