Omron PACK EXPO Demo Summaries

Envisioning that the upcoming decade is going to indicate the advent of ‘autonomous society’ and unfold many more diverse & complex social issues, Omron’s long term vision, shaping the future of 2030 enumerates the ways to maximize human capabilities through people-oriented automation technologies. This encompasses creation of more harmonious & stronger relationships between humans and machines. The company believes that this harmony is the key to bring out the best in people helping them to solve issues and lead more fulfilling and better lives. This will in turn drive the company create newer corporate and social values enabling it to sustain & strengthen its purpose of existence.

Industrial automation: Omron will catalyze advancement of manufacturing that is well prepared to support a sustainable society. Continuing with its focus on easing labor shortages, and enhancing productivity in various industries, Omron will evolve its innovative-Automation approach with the aim of building a production floor that shapes a sustainable future where both harmony with the global environment and worker satisfaction are achieved.

For logistics and packaging companies seeking a complete, flexible solution that combines pick-and-place, materials transport, and even recipe management, Omron’s PACK EXPO demos showcase the best of what the automation industry has to offer. These end-to-end application solutions feature robotics, motion, safety, control, and more.

Demo 1: Collaborative robot

Omron’s TM Series collaborative robot (cobot) is well-suited to a variety of logistics and packaging tasks, as this demo will show. Ideal for applications like pick-and-place and palletizing, Omron cobots boost the throughput and consistency of repetitive or complex assembly tasks and help relieve companies of challenging issues related to today’s labor shortage. Attendees will be able to interact with the cobot and program it to perform a variety of tasks.

Demo 2: Palletizer with collaborative and mobile robots

In this demo showcasing an autonomous logistics solution, Omron’s TM Series cobot builds a pallet on top of the LD-250 autonomous mobile robot (AMR). A conveyor brings boxes up to the cobot, which uses its integrated vision and gripper to pick and place them onto the pallet sitting atop the AMR. The AMR then travels to a designated destination to deliver the boxes and comes back when it has finished. In addition to the TM Series and the LD-250, this demo includes Omron’s Sysmac server and safety technologies.

Demo 3: Integrated controller machine

This demo shows a solution for high-speed pick-and-place and recipe management, with trays of cookies used as the product. The trays come in different dimensions and the cookies come in various flavors, giving the user a choice of many possible “recipes.” Via the human-machine interface (HMI), the user chooses a specific cookie combination, prompting an Omron Quattro robot to put a tray together. Another robot moves the trays through the machine, and an LD-90 AMR comes to the machine when it is time to take the tray out. The tray is transferred to the AMR using a conveyor roller. This demo includes the whole Sysmac package, including control, motion, safety, and more.

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