ABB Exhibits Latest Robotic Innovations at Automate 2022 in June

Significant changes in consumer behavior, including the e-commerce boom and the demand for more product choice, with shorter product lifecycles, are requiring manufacturers to respond to continually evolving production requirements. Against this dynamic backdrop, ABB has developed over 20 new robot, software and digital products in the last year, designed to help customers of all sizes increase their productivity and quality through enhanced flexibility and simplification.

At Automate, June 6-9, 2022 at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit (Booth #1832), ABB will feature a selection of these recent robotic innovations, including versatile industrial and collaborative robots; software advancements that reduce programming complexity and sophisticated robot controllers with leading motion control technologies that allow easy integration of additional hardware, sensors and other peripherals.

“ABB has continually pushed the boundaries of technology to create new business models for its customers.  Our Automate exhibit will showcase a number of these innovations, many of which have opened up robotic automation to a broad group of first-time users,” said Joe Chudy, US General Manager, ABB Robotics. “Now, more than ever, businesses of all sizes need to embrace the flexibility afforded by robotics to efficiently adapt production to satisfy their customer’s most pressing needs, especially as reshoring becomes a prominent means to address ongoing supply chain backlogs.

ABB’s recent acquisition of ASTI Mobile Robotics has expanded its robotics and automation offering, making it the only company to offer a complete portfolio for the next generation of flexible automation. A full motion demo featuring two EBOT 350s from ASTI’s Platform Line of AMRs, and a UniBOT 1200 from ASTI’s Mouse Line of towing AGVs will be among the highlights of ABB’s Automate exhibit.

Additional highlights include a GoFa™ collaborative robot equipped for welding; an IRB 5710, ABB’s newest large robot, powered by the OmniCore™ V250XT controller, dressed for welding; the IRB 5510 FlexPainter® with the ABB Ability™ RB 1000i Connected Atomizer; and RobotStudio®, ABB’s industry leading simulation programming software, featuring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functionalities.

Details of the ABB Automate 2022 exhibit:

ASTI Mobile Robotics: ASTI’s industry-leading AMR and AGV portfolio includes autonomous towing vehicles, goods-to-person solutions, unit carriers and box movers, as well as a comprehensive software offering, ranging from vehicle navigation and control, fleet and order management and cloud-based traceability systems. Mobile robotic technology allows end users to replace linear production lines with flexible, redeployable networks connected by AMRs and AGVs.

  • The EBOT 350 is the perfect solution for Goods to Person (G2P) processes in e-commerce, logistics, automotive or manufacturing sectors. It can also perform hundreds of applications related to warehouse management, order picking and kitting. The EBOT 350 features a 350 kg maximum payload, 120 mm stroke lifting height and a speed range up to 2.2 m/s.
  • The UniBOT 1200 is the smallest ASTI towing mouse, featuring a 600 N towing capacity and a speed range up to 1.2 meters per second. It is ideal for applications such as assembly and subassembly, kitting, interaction with robot cells, milk run processes and heavy load transportation.

GoFa Collaborative Robot Welding Cell: Designed to safely work directly and continuously alongside humans and to be very easy to install and use, GoFa helps businesses automate processes involving heavier loads and longer reaches to assist workers with repetitive and ergonomically challenging tasks.

  • GoFa will perform interactive, live arc welding demos. Visitors to the booth will be able to use ABB’s customizable two-button Lead-Through Programming function to tack and weld small parts. By moving the robot in the desired weld path, visitors will create their own weld program and watch GoFa replicate that path in a live weld.

IRB 5710 with the OmniCore Controller: Launched in March 2022, the IRB 5710 is a key addition to ABB’s portfolio of large robots for complex manufacturing applications, delivering enhanced speed, accuracy, flexibility, and a more robust design, including integrated process cabling.

  • The OmniCore™ controller V250XT, the latest addition to the OmniCore controller family. Featuring ABB’s TrueMove® and QuickMove® motion control technology, the OmniCore V250XT controller enables the IRB 5710 to offer class-leading speed, improving production capacity with lower manufacturing times.

IRB 5510 FlexPainter with the ABB Ability RB1000i Connected Atomizer: A highly flexible and accurate medium sized paint robot that provides shorter cycle times, process optimization and a digital platform to ensure premium paint quality and uptime.

  • The ABB Ability Connected Atomizer is the first connected, sensor-equipped, robotic paint atomizer that allows real-time smart diagnostics by providing an environmentally friendly, turnkey solution for increasing uptime and ensuring zero quality defects. The atomizer increases transfer efficiency by 10 percent, reduces paint loss inside atomizer during color changes by 75 percent, and reduces compressed air consumption by 20 percent, in total to save customers millions of dollars in cost.

RobotStudio with Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: ABB’s simulation and offline programming software allows robot programming to be done on a PC in the office without shutting down production, allowing users to perform tasks such as training, programming, and optimization without disturbing production.       

  • The tool is built on the ABB Virtual Controller, an exact copy of the real software that runs robots in production. This allows very realistic simulations to be performed, using real robot programs and configuration files identical to those used on the shop floor.

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