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Brown Machine Group Acquires aXatronics Robotic Capabilities

June 26, 2020

Brown Machine Group (BMG) announced the acquisition of the robotics capabilities from automation equipment supplier, aXatronics. BMG is a manufacturer and servicer of highly engineered thermoforming equipment and tooling used in the conversion of plastic sheet into high-value-add products, as well as, automated material handling equipment for paper and plastic products. It provides equipment and…


New Robotic Tool Allows Delicate, High-Speed Handling

April 25, 2018

JLS Automation (jlsautomation.com) is helping food producers handle delicate items, such as chocolate-covered snacks, dessert cakes and muffins, that are soft and can be easily crushed, with a new patented robotic pick and place tool. With a lightweight design that needs minimal mechanical action to pick and place items, the Elastomer robotic end-of-arm picking tool…