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Ready for the Avalanche of Pet Subscription Boxes?

March 25, 2024

Robots are essential for optimized kitting. By Gemma Ross, VP of operations at OSARO You know B2B and B2C; now it’s time to meet B2H. That’s business-to-human, a concept that’s been around for several years but took off during the pandemic when retailers began dealing almost exclusively with consumers online. Because of the lack of…


Robotics Drives Productivity and Accuracy for Online Optical Pioneer

January 4, 2024

People and robots learn during the automation process. By Simon Goh, Director of Distribution and Facilities at Zenni Optical Zenni is one of the top four online eyeglass retailers worldwide, selling 6.5 million pairs annually – 6 million of them in the U.S. market alone. Our mission to make prescription eyewear affordable and accessible to…


How Smarter Robots Are Reshaping Warehouses

May 8, 2023

Three Converging e-Commerce Forces Accelerate Automation By Derik Pridmore, CEO and co-founder of OSARO If you look across any e-commerce warehouse today, you’ll find plenty of automation relentlessly moving mountains of product. Conveyors, cross belt sorters, and AMRs have all proliferated in distribution centers. Yet, people have been essential to the last, crucial step of…


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