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Duopack Flexible Packaging

February 6, 2019

Duopack is an innovative double flexible packaging, developed by a team of specialists from Ukraine and patented in many countries around the world. This package is based on widely distributed flexible stand-up pouch with distinctive feature – in the middle there is a partition that divides the inside products into two isolated parts. The essence…


Disrupting the Retail Shelf by Implementing an Innovative Flexible Packaging Strategy

June 15, 2018

By: Dennis Calamusa President-CEO ALLIEDFLEX® Technologies, Inc. Consumer product companies often seem to make a million excuses as to why they stick with their legacy packaging that they have utilized for many decades, but these are excuses that typically only suit their objective to “not change” due to internal challenges, both real and perceived. These…


Fisher Launches Company Rebrand to PPC Flexible Packaging

February 28, 2018

Fisher Container Holdings, LLC (Fisher), a leading provider of custom flexible packaging for food and healthcare industries, today announced the rebranding of its subsidiaries Fisher Container, LLC and Packaging Products Corporation, LLC (PPC) into the new entity PPC Flexible Packaging. The comprehensive rebrand follows Fisher’s 2017 acquisition of PPC and aims to reaffirm the company’s…


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