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Prescription pills in plastic medicine bottles.

Packaging for the Modern Patient: Key Considerations for E-Commerce

July 9, 2019

By Todd Meussling, Senior Manager, Market Development, Fresh-Lock As e-commerce continues to grow, industries across the board are looking to streamline packaging solutions to meet the rigorous demands of this unique supply chain. Simultaneously, consumer habits and expectations have evolved in a digital world, and we’ve seen the adoption of e-commerce purchasing grow across generations.…


Better Branding for E-Commerce Shipping Boxes

May 29, 2019

By Eric Stanton, Sales Manager for Sutherland Packaging The incredibly rapid rise of e-commerce can be illustrated with one fact: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, is the richest man in the world. This year, his fortune reached $140 billion, the result of the largest year-over-year growth in personal fortune in… well… ever. Even Bill Gates…


Honeywell Partners with Fetch Robotics

October 15, 2018

Today at Pack Expo in Chicago, Honeywell announced its partnership with Fetch Robotics to deliver autonomous robots to distribution centers.