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The Pros and Cons of Flexible Packaging

June 5, 2024

Benefits, Trends and Challenges Impacting Flexible Packaging By Moira Stein, Insights & Strategy at Berlin Packaging Flexible packaging is the second largest pack type in the United States, holding a 30% volume share (following rigid plastics). It is commonly used for both primary and secondary packaging and includes bags/sachets, stand-up pouches, films, wrappers, tubes, and…


Thinking Outside the Bottle

May 1, 2024

Secondary packaging trends and considerations. By Moira Stein, Insights & Strategy at Berlin Packaging First impressions can make or break a brand, and impulse decisions account for one-third of purchases. Secondary packaging is often the first interaction consumers have with a product, but it can be overlooked and under-valued by companies. There is a lot…


Four Key Trends Impacting The Snack Category

April 4, 2024

Snackers Crave Relaxation, and Care More About Cost, Quality, Convenience and Sustainability By Moira Stein, Insights & Strategy at Berlin Packaging Amidst inflationary pressures and economic uncertainty, consumers are paying more attention to the cost, quality, and convenience of snack products. With stress levels high, they are also looking for enjoyable and relaxing snacking experiences.…


How Increased Regulation is Impacting CPG Packaging

January 2, 2024

An Explanation of Six Local Laws Driving Global Change By Moira Stein of Insights & Strategy at Berlin Packaging Governments in the United States and around the world are introducing legislation aimed at reducing packaging waste and promoting a more circular economy. These laws are driving change that will continue to impact the packaging industry…


Top Trends Impacting Craft Beer Packaging

May 8, 2023

Package Design Earns a Place for Beverages in Consumers’ Hands and Hearts By Moira Stein, Insights & Strategy at Berlin Packaging Ales, lagers, porters, stouts, pilsners, IPAs, and more. There are over 100 distinct styles of beer. Some are light and malty while others are strong and hoppy. Each has its distinctive taste, scent, color,…


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