With Forecasts for Continued Growth and Expansion, the Aromatherapy Market is Here to Stay

by: Yanick Douyon, R&D Manager, Precise Packaging LLC 

The global aromatherapy market is expected to reach US $3.226 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 9.54% from 2017 to 2025, according to a newly published Acute Market Reports study. Consumers are looking for products that deliver the dual benefits of not only freshening up an environment or surface, but also aromatherapy results to help them feel good and de-stress. In response to growing consumer interest, aromatherapy is expanding to include a variety of new applications in the spa, bath, household and personal care markets.

Companies are clamoring to add botanicals such as lavender, eucalyptus and grapefruit into everything – from fabric sprays including pillow mists, linen sprays and surface sprays, to concentrated and non-concentrated room sprays, super-absorbent polymer (SAP) fragrance beads, hand sanitizers, as well as fragrance and essential oils for use with fragrance dispersion products.

To meet this industry demand for a growing list of applications, product development and packaging specialists are rapidly creating and manufacturing aromatherapy formulations, delivery systems and packaging. These aromatherapy products require formulas and packaging that can be used and marketed in the U.S. and overseas. Additionally, product development and packaging specialists must be able to produce custom and standard sizes – from popular trial- and travel-sized products to full-size products – and advise on the right packaging and type of actuator for delivering the desired product.

Other critical variables to consider when developing aromatherapy products include the level and type of ingredients in the formulation, packaging and delivery aspects of the finished products, and an understanding of how to achieve benefits such as relaxation or energy enhancement utilizing essential oils.

For companies looking to create several different fragrance options that can be used across a range of product categories, the products should emit the same scent across all categories and the packaging should be compatible with the formulation. For products that require clear packaging such as fragrance sprays or hand sanitizers, it’s important to add the right type and level of additives to avoid product challenges such as haziness or clarity.

There is also a larger industry trend toward minimalist formulas that are natural and free from synthetic or animal-derived ingredients, which has become an increasing demand in the aromatherapy space. Development of such products requires expertise in designing formulas that achieve the proper level and type of natural ingredients for creating balance and ensuring uniformity from batch to batch.

Equally as important to these formulation aspects is the role that packaging plays to attract potential customers and align with product requirements. With the availability of a variety of packaging options, it is critical to consider the use of the product to determine the appropriate packaging and assembly needs. Factors such as the quality of the caps for protecting the product, appropriate actuator size to ensure that the product packaging works with the formulation, and the style, durability and color of the packaging are important components for success. Superior packaging choices that align with industry trends can also help products stand out from the increasing list of aromatherapy offerings.

With forecasts for continued growth and expansion, the aromatherapy market is here to stay. It is vital for product development and packaging experts to work hand-in-hand with customers on overall product design. These experienced partners can help brand owners through the entire development process from formulation and package design, testing/ validation, filling, packaging and delivery to bring high-quality aromatherapy formulations and product designs to market quickly.

Precise Packaging is a premier value-added strategic partner offering complete product solutions from formulation development to product design, supply chain management, manufacturing, packaging, delivery and more for aerosol and liquid products.

For more information, go to precisepackaging.com.

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