A Look at Cannabis Packaging

Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states as well as Washington, D.C., and eight states have now legalized recreational use. What was once a bit taboo is quickly becoming just another consumer market, well, sort of. You can’t escape the fact that more and more medical marijuana establishments are popping up in most states, and in most counties within those states.

Just over the weekend my good friend told me that her younger sister works at a dispensary in the area. I was a bit shocked at first, but with the popularity of the product budding, no pun intended, there will be a need for more and more employees, and who knows, maybe it’s a good gig?

With this industry growing, the question of how to package this product is of great importance. The packaging should inform, preserve and ultimate keep the product out of the wrong hands. But, how?

I was recently reading about the cannabis industry and the packaging of such products, mostly the wide array of edibles. In my research I came across Leafly, a cannabis information resource website and there I read an article from Cannaline, a custom packaging solutions provider for the cannabis industry. Cannaline wrote:

“In the face of strict regulations, ever-changing rules, and state-specific laws surrounding cannabis, producers are faced with an immense challenge in selecting the proper cannabis packaging. Glass, acrylic, silicone, cardboard, plastic—options offering an array of pros and cons abound, and apart from standing out against the competition, each must be appropriate for the product, preserve freshness, meet safety expectations, and be cost-effective.”

According to the guide, the best options for edibles are tube jars, single-use bags and resealable bags, not surprising since the main topic I hear about with edibles is resealable pouches (think a small bag with a zipper like that of a cheese package). Edibles are considered both a food and a pharmaceutical product, so special considerations must be made. These bags should be tamper-evident and child-resistant to keep the product as safe as possible for the consumer, as well as any unintended consumers, like children. The importance of resealability keeps the product fresh for containers intended for more than one use. The guide is also very helpful when trying to decide how to package a cannabis product, and not just edibles. Want to know more on this topic and the best packaging for various cannabis products, go to leafly.com.

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