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An increasing number of consumers are turning to frozen food options for the convenience they provide, opening up much opportunity for growth in the frozen food packaging market – a market that was valued at $39.48 million in 2018 and is expected to reach a value of $53.43 million by 2024.

Although we are seeing growth in this market segment, negative perceptions still exist around its health and quality which is why many large food packaging companies are investing heavily in creative and decorative packaging to change consumers discernments about frozen foods. Indeed, this is allowing an area of opportunity for start-up companies like Mosaic Foods whose founders are reportedly looking to rebrand frozen food as a healthy, chef-prepared trendy option. This particular company launched its meal subscription plan in May with six grain-based bowls that feature a variety of vegetables and legumes, as well as the soy proteins tempeh and tofu and more. The company is aiming to be both sustainable and socially conscious with its packaging which is all recyclable, and rather than using gel packs the food is packed in dry ice for shipping.

Also working on rebranding the negative health stereotypes surrounding the frozen food market is Cappello’s, maker of grain-free, frozen-fresh, paleo-friendly foods. This company recently had several announcements regarding its frozen food offerings this year – one of them being that the company is working to create a more innovative package for its frozen pizzas. The company is reportedly looking to create a relationship with shoppers through visual storytelling that will bring people closer to good food by incorporating photography on the box.

Others worth mentioning are Nestlé, who reinvented its well-known Lean Cuisine brand with updated packaging and new dishes featuring more premium and plant-based ingredients, and Conagra who has introduced compostable packaging to its Healthy Choice line and rolled out larger Banquet Mega meals.

To help in their processes, manufacturers are investing in new assets which include quick-freeze technology to better preserve flavor and nutrients. When it comes to machinery used in the packaging process of frozen foods, selecting the right equipment to can require much thought and research. In the August issue of Packaging Technology Today, you can learn what five considerations frozen food packaging companies should keep in mind when evaluating solutions for their frozen foods packaging line.

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