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Have you seen the July issue of Packaging Technology Today where we debuted to you the companies that chose to take part in our print version of our 2019 Buyer’s Guide?  We take pride in our ability to advise our reader base on all things packaging related, and what a great resource to be able to offer our readers!

You can also find the 2019 Buyer’s Guide online at Although having the hard copy at your desk may come in handy when you are searching for products or services, having access to the online edition could enable you to speed up your search for companies that offer what you are seeking by simply typing keywords in the search bar. The online edition also allows us to regularly update the information so you are always receiving the latest and most up to date information.

Did you miss out on being a part of the 2019 Buyer’s Guide? Fear not! It is never too late to have your company added to the online edition. Visit the link above and follow the prompts to make sure other companies are finding you as well! Also, while you are on the site take a browse around and notice the updates that have been taking place. View our online exclusive eBooks, sign up to receive a free copy of our monthly eNewsletters, view new products and product videos, and read our latest featured stories and industry news.

If you like what you see while you are checking us out, contact me directly to learn ways your company can be promoted both on and in our print editions. Also, if you have not done so already, please add me to your media distribution list for press releases –

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