Whittard of Chelsea Created a New Design for its Coffee Packaging

WHITNEY, UNITED KINGDOM | Whittard of Chelsea’s new designs use animals to link coffees to their beans and places of origin. Persephone Coelho and the in-house Whittard design team were inspired by the natural world.

A former graphic designer, Persephone worked alongside staff in Whittard, using ink and brushes to create the new illustrations. Much of Persephone’s previous work focuses on wildlife and aquatic creatures. This experience is reflected in the images that now adorn Whittard’s products. The collaboration between Whittard and Persephone has matched each coffee to an animal, based mainly on the coffee’s place of origin

•    Kenya Peaberry (Kenya) – Cheetah
•    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia) – Zebra
•    San Augustin Colombia (Colombia) – Toucan
•    Monsoon Malabar (India) – Peacock
•    Mocha Djimmah (Ethiopia) – Giraffe

The exception is bestseller Guatemala Elephant. This coffee is matched with its namesake animal due to the large size of its beans. The rebrand will also contribute to Whittard’s charity work with its coffee growers. Volcanic eruptions in Guatemala earlier this year destroyed the homes and farms of coffee growers in the region. For the next six months, Whittard has pledged to donate 20 pence from every sale of Guatemala Elephant and Guatemala Antigua coffee to the EFICO Foundation to help rebuild lives in the area.

Harvinder Woodcock, Whittard of Chelsea’s buyer, said of the rebrand, “We wanted our packaging to more obviously link the products to their place of origin. The fantastic new designs have helped achieve this and bring a lot more color to our range.”