Vacuum Operated Box or Bag Lifter is Ergonomic and Portable

American Sales Dev MC_nobackground_cropped (3)American Sales Development announces the availability of a vacuum operated jib crane  lift system for boxes and bags up to 185 lbs. The system uses an articulating arm with up to 13 feet reach diameter allowing the operator to load or unload across a large work cell and lift as high as 9 feet 4 inches with little effort.  The arm can be mounted to the building’s structural beams or a gantry crane. If portability is desired a portable beam mounted to a circular steel base plate is available. The base plate is specially designed to allow transport of the entire system with a manual pallet jack. It’s easy to move from place to place in order to fit your requirement and requires no installation. Operation choices include shop air or an onboard vacuum pump. A 24VDC system with built in charger or an AC/DC converter system is available and requires only a standard 110V/AC outlet for power. The charger can remain plugged in for battery recharging while still operating the crane. The jib crane is height adjustable every 4” and you will achieve a height from 6’-0” under the arm to 9’-0” under the arm. The overall height ranges from 6’-5” to 9’-4”. Each unit is equipped with a leveling plate that is able to accommodate for most uneven floors. The system uses a vacuum monitoring system with an accidental vacuum shutoff guard to assure sufficient vacuum level for safe lifting operations. The system will not lift and accidentally drop the product being lifted.

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