Vacuum Interrupters Introduces Circuit Breaker Timer Test Set

Vacuum Interrupters, a leading manufacturer of replacement vacuum interrupters, pole assemblies, parts, and components for medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers and contactors, introduces the CBT-1203 circuit breaker timer test set.

This accurate, portable, and easy-to-use tool confirms proper breaker speed and clearing times as part of a maintenance program or arc-flash validation study. The CBT-1203 performs three-phase timing tests, charges spring-charged circuit breakers, opens/trips and closes breakers, and captures and stores millisecond trip and close times and duration of contact bounce.

With the integrated variable 120 VAC/125 VDC power supply, the CBT-1203 can operate breakers outside of cubicles. Breaker switching controls and custom breaker-specific operation plugs allow users to quickly set up and operate the unit with all types of circuit breakers. The large back-lit LCD display is viewable in sunlight and low-light conditions.

The compact and lightweight unit measures 16.5 inches wide, 7 inches high, and 13.5 inches deep and weighs 19 pounds, making it ideal for use in the shop or field. The test set includes the circuit breaker timer, control power and contact leads, a universal breaker operation cable, contact clamps, an input power cable, and a durable storage bag.

Contact Vacuum Interrupters to discuss acquiring a new CBT-1203 unit or replacing your legacy circuit breaker timer.

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