Sun Centre Exhibits at Pack Expo, October 14 – October 17

Sun Centre will exhibit at Pack Expo Oct 14-17 with a dynamic live remote to its new Technical Center. The live remote allows visitors to watch a live production run of pouches at the Technical Center, and to interface with operators onsite there with questions or requests for a closer look at various machine functions. This live connection to the Technical Center is the next best thing to being there. Yet, Pack Expo attendees can also see the production run in person and up close by participating in any of the planned daily tours of the Center.

Bused tours to the new SunCentre Technical Center will be offered during Pack Expo, Monday and Tuesday, October 15-16. Attendees will see actual pouch production run by a real Sun Centre customer with the chance to examine machine features, performance and pouch output, along with an opportunity to interface with the customer’s operators.

CONTACT COMPANY Tour sign up can be done at the SunCentre booth E10650 at Pack Expo or in advance of the show by calling 224-699-9058. Sign up early if interested – bus seating is limited.