Securely Packed All Around at interpack 2023

The BEUMER Group offers the highly efficient BEUMER fillpac FFS (form-fill-seal system) for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Image courtesy of BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG

At interpack in Düsseldorf (May 4-10), the BEUMER Group will be presenting customized packaging solutions for bagging, palletizing and end-of-line packaging of product stacks – including control systems, comprehensive customer support and additional digital services in Hall 12, Booth C21.

These solutions are used for consumer goods such as  peat, potting soil, humus and alternative plant substrates, and for building materials, chemicals and cement. The systems supplier will present a new, modularized, high-performance packaging system in its booth – the BEUMER stretch hood A. BEUMER will also showcase software solutions. The start-ups Sparrow, Elara and Holocene, all of which are part of the BEUMER Group, will also be present.
The BEUMER Group will present itself at interpack as a supplier of high-performance packaging lines designed according to customer requirements. Among these are the highly efficient BEUMER fillpac FFS (form-fill-seal system) for the chemical and petrochemical industry. The system forms up to 2,800 bags per hour from prefabricated PE hood films and fills them with the customer’s product. Customers can select a suitable machine performance class from this product family to match their requirements.
Depending on the kind of container involved, the BEUMER Group also offers various palletizing solutions, such as the high-performance paletpac for bagged bulk material. The paletpac has either a clamping or double-belt turning device to match product requirements. The device quickly brings the bags into the required position and keeps them dimensionally stable. The BEUMER Group has completely redesigned this robust palletizer series.

BEUMER paletpac: With the new modular design, the same or similar components and modules are now installed in all systems. Image courtesy of BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG

With the new modular design, the same or similar components and modules are now installed in all systems, and BEUMER has implemented as identical a design as possible wherever feasible. There are also fewer components, reducing the number of spare parts and speeding up their delivery times. The modules are individually assembled for each customer, internally tested and installed on the customer’s site. This approach saves both time and money.

The containers, precisely stacked on pallets, can then be conveyed to the downstream packaging system, the BEUMER stretch hood. The hood is also manufactured in a modular design, so it offers the same advantages as the BEUMER paletpac. The BEUMER stretch hood covers the palletized items with a highly stretchable hood film of up to 30 percent recycled content, which also saves resources. The film safely protects the goods from environmental influences such as sun, dirt and moisture during handling and outdoor storage.
The BEUMER Group’s Software Solutions division will also be presented at the trade fair. This division strategically aligns the Group with the growing market requirements for digital products. The goal is to create added value through smart software solutions with the highest quality standards, innovativeness and a high level of awareness for sustainability.
In the field of customer support, the BEUMER Group has developed BEUMER Smart Glasses, a pioneering product that supports users quickly and easily. When machines malfunction and downtimes are not rectified as quickly as possible, it can prove expensive for manufacturing companies. Smart Glasses enable BEUMER Customer Support technicians to see what the customer’s service technician is seeing and solve any problem cooperatively. This digital solution reduces time-consuming journeys and high additional costs.
The system provider relies on its start-ups’ support to ensure its viability, and this is why it has incorporated them into the Group.
Sparrow Networks, for example, uses its digital marketplace to ensure that participants are supplied with the correct spare part as quickly as possible in the event of a component failure. Thanks to the network, the right supplier can always be found quickly.
Elara Digital offers solutions for reduced downtime and increased machine availability through its virtual assistant. With the knowledge database for maintenance teams, relevant information such as work orders, checklists, machine documentation and troubleshooting guides can be easily and intuitively created and accessed.
Holocene, another young company, offers cloud- and AI-supported software that enables users to optimize cross-border supply chain processes. The software makes the processes visible and traceable, building trust between all the stakeholders.

About the BEUMER Group

BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation, and distribution. BEUMER Group and its group companies and sales agencies provide their customers with high-quality system solutions and an extensive customer support network around the globe and across a wide range of industries, including bulk materials and piece goods, food/non-food, construction, mail order, post, and airport baggage handling.

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