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On June, 14 2022, the first Coesia digital event will go live on a streaming platform, enabling participants to explore the latest innovations in packaging technology and explore solutions for key industry issues.

The Coesia Virtual Event will provide participants the opportunity to discover the Group’s latest innovations and automation solutions, and delve into the trends impacting crucial market segments. The event’s platform will be live on 14 June, and will be available on-demand until 13 July 2022. To register for the Coesia Virtual Event go to:

The event will include round table discussions about trending topics in the sector, and an overview of pertinent market segments such as Beauty Care, Beverage, Ceramics, Confectionery, Dairy, Disposable Hygiene, Gears, Home Care, Luxury, Personal Care and Pharma & Healthcare, for which the Group’s Companies offer integrated technological solutions.

A round table discussion will examine the challenges and opportunities in the world of packaging:

  • Benjamin Punchard, Global Packaging Insights Director of Mintel and Jan Tharp, President & CEO of Bumble Bee will discuss the challenges related to the sustainability of packaging and the transition to sustainable practices.
  • Min Ling Chan, Senior Director of Global Engineering Digital, Automation and Packaging for Mondelez, will discuss issues related to the digital world in the B2B sector, including the growing importance of employing innovative tools and software to monitor performance and automate the manufacturing processes.
  • During the round table dedicated to customer service, Lisa Torres, Senior Director Capital Procurement of Constellation Brands, will discuss Coesia’s customer-centricity and the ability of the Group’s teams to provide concrete answers and increasingly customized technological solutions.

Additionally, the Coesia Virtual Event will include a section dedicated to Coesia’s 11 new industrial solutions will also be available on the event platform. Specifically, it will be possible to get more information on:

  • CW 600 by ACMA, a multistyle wrapping machine for flat-bottom, pre-formed confectionery products, is designed to meet the specific needs of markets that require production solutions with up to 600 strokes per minute. This solution is characterized by high flexibility and excellent wrapping quality. In fact, the machine can handle up to 6 different shapes (Boero, twist on top, double twist and twist on side, side twist, bunch, portfolio and portfolio with banderol) thanks to the modular design.
  • KX1600, the flexible new tube-filling machine from CITUS KALIX, is able to quickly alternate between long production runs and smaller batches at 160 tubes per minute. The format changeover takes less than 15 minutes thanks to the fully automatic settings and the disassembly of the parts without tools. This innovation is the ideal solution for industries that require maximum flexibility, such as health and beauty.
  • FlexLink‘s range of palletizers includes an RI20 industrial robot and two collaborative robots, the RC10 and RC12: solutions designed to simplify complex processes. These robots are able to render production even more flexible, in addition to being mobile, compact, easy to assemble and install, and quick to move when necessary.
  • Web 4.0 5D from HAPA takes inline digital printing and inspection of continuous web packaging materials for the pharmaceutical market to a higher level. The Web 4.0 5D delivers high reliability and print clarity with vivid colors and greater process control over a wide range of substrates. With Web 4.0 5D, printing and inspection are integrated to improve work processes, reducing the number of operations and risks in the validation stages, as well as installation and commissioning times.
  • NORDEN‘s NTP 80 tray packing machine is a solution designed to boost production efficiency in a market increasingly impacted by sustainability. It is able to place the tubes in boxes ready for the shipment of trays, with a wide variety of packaging models, providing the possibility to choose the positioning of the tubes (vertically or horizontally or all in the same direction – head to toe).
  • Multipacker speed-up kit by R.A Jones allows beverage and canned food manufacturers to efficiently perform configurations of 4, 6 and 8 packs, reaching speeds of 345 cartons per minute to meet production needs. The Multipacker speed up kit can be ordered for a new system or installed on any Meridian XR already in operation.
  • Superfast is the moldless ceramic press by System Ceramics that, thanks to the system equipped with a single belt, enables the production of slabs and tiles with a flexibility never before seen. Moreover, System Ceramics also presents Fastdry, the company’s first multichannel drying machine: a technology designed with independent chambers equipped with air suction and blowing boxes to ensure optimal control of air flows and uniform drying. Fastdry and Superfast create an integrated system and offer the possibility of enhancing production from start to finish, making it faster and more flexible.
  • Volpak‘s SC+ series stems from the desire to radically change the landscape of pouching machines and complete the company’s offer with a continuous motion solution that enables speeds of up to 400 ppm. SC+ offers both HFFS and Pre-made options.

About Coesia:

Coesia is a group of 21 companies specializing in highly innovative industrial and packaging solutions based in Bologna, Italy. Coesia companies are leaders in the fields of advanced automatic machines, packaging materials, industrial process solutions and precision gears. Coesia’s customers operate in a wide range of sectors in the market, such as aerospace, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, healthcare, automotive, tobacco, consumer and luxury goods.

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