R.A Jones Expands CPG Asset Management Program

R.A Jones added machine line evaluations and revamped training services to its customizable customer support capabilities to alleviate brand manufacturers’ challenges in the consumer packaged goods sector.

To ensure CPG companies across industries are maximizing their manufacturing uptime and able to maintain a robust production line, R.A Jones has expanded its asset management program to include comprehensive machine line evaluations and new training services that foster a stronger operation. Part of a diverse, customizable package that also features audits, preventative maintenance and field service agreements, the new elements provide even greater support for customers focused on improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), maintaining a skilled workforce and minimizing costly downtime.

R.A Jones’ asset management program includes five key components, and CPGs can choose the full suite of services, or can opt for various elements on an a la carte basis.

After installation, at mutually agreed upon scheduled intervals, customers receive thorough equipment audits that ensure machinery reaches maximum OEE and flag any potential maintenance needs. Based on discussions around run schedules, volume goals and other factors, the customer can also utilize preventative maintenance kits, which can be tailored to ensure a machine is running optimally and can continue to perform with the least amount of downtime possible. As a third feature of the program, customers can enter transparent service agreements that establish an annual bank of hours for expert technicians to either conduct routine maintenance or troubleshoot new issues on-site at the production facility.

Along with these existing features, R.A Jones will be offering extensive evaluations that review the upstream and downstream activity of a complete production line. This assessment identifies opportunities for operational improvement, not only related to R.A Jones’ own equipment but to the entire setup, helping customers make the most of valuable facility floor space.

In addition, new increased training capabilities are being developed from R.A Jones to help bolster customers’ workforces with skilled line professionals who can perform diagnostics and repairs quickly and effectively. Through these resources, customers also encourage labor retention by offering professional development opportunities and building a skill set unique to a particular production line.

R.A Jones’ asset management program is currently available in North America (with select services available globally) and applicable to a wide range of markets including food and beverage, personal and household goods and beyond. For more information on the program and R.A Jones’ capabilities, visit rajones.com.

About R.A Jones

R.A Jones is part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy www.coesia.com

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