ProMach’s New Products Being Featured at Pack Expo 2018

Product Brands: Texwrap; Rennco

Industry Trend: Automation for E-Commerce Packaging

Online shopping continues to grow and take over a larger piece of consumer wallet share. Both Texwrap and Rennco recognize the trend and, each using their respective niche expertise in packaging, continue to design end of line packaging machines that allow e- commerce business to operate more productively, automating pieces of the equation where it makes most sense.

More specifically, these ProMach product brands are both introducing solutions that create ready-to-ship custom-sized mail packages in a unique operation capable of integrating with a labeler and multi-carrier shipping software and gathering and reporting data on exceptions to more smoothly run order fulfillment. The Texwrap 3322 machine is a wrapper with integrated labeler. The Rennco 301 machine is a bagger with integrated labeler. Both machines utilize an ID Technology labeler, another ProMach product brand.

While these machines provide a similar end result, the main difference between the 3322 and 301 has to do with the items that could be loaded into the final sealed bag. With the Texwrap system the items are received from a conveyor and they generally need to be able to stack flat. Whereas, round or odd shaped items, or a package that includes a variety of items (items like you might get in a package from say Amazon – book/pencils/ball/etc.) are better suited for Rennco.

Product Brand: Brenton

Industry Trend: Lower labor costs through automation

The new RPX Series of modular robotic palettizing cells gives small- to medium-sized food and manufacturing companies the opportunity to quickly, easily, and cost effectively advance from manual to automated palletizing of cases, trays, bags, pails, and other packaging. The RPX Series reduces the number of employees on the packaging line and lowers the risk of repetitive motion injuries within the plant. RPX Series cells can be delivered in as little as 14 weeks, about half the time of custom systems, with end-of-arm tooling to meet the demands of today and the changing requirements of tomorrow. Companies can install cells in just hours. These modular cells are easily disassembled, moved, and reassembled as plant conditions change.

Product Brand: ID Technology

Industry Trend: Labeling for a popular container option in Food & Beverage Plastic tapered containers are commonly used for things like margarine, olives, hummus, cheese toppings… basically any spread, dip or alike in delis these days. These containers are great for presentation and stacking. However, these containers can be tricky things to accurately label, especially if the label needs to be wrapped accurately all around the product. Using normal labels tend to rip or end up with ripples, leaving a less than stellar presentation. The LSI-9135 joins ID Technology’s 9000 Series and becomes a standard offering in a space where model customization was previously required for tapered container application. The result provides customers with a more cost-effective labeling machine and quicker delivery without sacrificing quality.

Product Brands: Zalkin; P.E. Labelers; Pacific

Product Brand: Matrix

Industry Trend: More effective flexible packager for Snack Foods

Matrix introduces the Morpheus continuous motion vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machine integrated with the SmartGate™ product concentrator, which helps insure all the product content being filled, such as nuts or candy pieces, arrive prior to machine jaws closing and bag getting sealed. While the Morpheus machine is not new itself, the SmartGate technology is, which has been extensively tested and has consistently outperformed other VFFS machines in regards to the number of filled packages produced per minute by up to 35%. It also reduces the number of badly sealed bags by up to 20%.

Cumulatively, these benefits provide customers a noticeable boost in packaging line profitability for snacks packaged in 3.5-inch-wide bags and smaller.

  Product Brand: Matrix

  Industry Trend: Increased throughput for baggers

Pro-Surveil is a simple to install, high resolution video surveillance system that increases the output of vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bags by enabling operators on the production floor to precisely control mezzanine mounted combination weighers for proper product distribution at the start of the shift, during changeover, and throughout the day. Current video systems for combination weighers feature digital cameras, which are notorious for producing grainy, low resolution, choppy images. The Pro-Surveil color analog camera offers a pristine TV-quality image displayed across the entire monitor. Pro-Surveil can be used on any combination weigher and is VFFS independent.

  Product Brand: IPak

  Industry Trend: Greater flexibility and higher uptime for tray formers

Wexxar Bel Upgrades Its Flagship Agricultural Tray Former its top-of-the-line IPAK TF-330GH agricultural tray former for faster time to market, greater flexibility, and higher uptime. Engineering advancements shorten the lead time for machine delivery, give customers greater operational flexibility, improve uptime, and equip agricultural customers with a ruggedly constructed machine that requires minimal maintenance.

  Product Brand: Dekka

  Industry Trend: Improved case sealing from an enhanced tape head

Dekka Introduces the enhanced DEKKA SE tape head. Important tape head functions such as tape application, wipe down of trailing tape, and tape cutting have been upgraded for a higher level of precision, speed, and quality

  Product Brand: INV Pack

Product Brands: P.E. Labelers and Axon

  Industry Trend: New combined business for ProMach a one stop shop for labelers

ProMach introduces P.E. North America, a new organization established to grow and support the P.E. Labelers brand and the Axon brand of labelers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. With P.E and Axon working together, customers can turn to one organization for virtually all their labeling needs.

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