ProAmpac Announces Partnership with Rutgers Food Science Professor

ProAmpac is partnering with Rutgers University Food Science Professor Dr. Kit Yam to develop smart packaging solutions to improve food safety, extend product shelf-life and reduce food waste.

ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, has partnered with Rutgers University Department of Food Science professor, Dr. Kit Yam to accelerate innovation in smart packaging to improve food safety, extend product shelf-life and reduce food waste.

“Dr. Yam is recognized as an expert in the fields of active and intelligent packaging, and ProAmpac is honored to include him and his lab in our expanded research and development partnerships,” said Hesam Tabatabaei, global vice president of product development and innovation.

The partnership is being integrated with ProAmpac’s Material Science and Innovation teams to support the company’s commitment to developing active and intelligent food packaging. Through this partnership, Dr. Yam’s lab will provide testing capabilities critical to ProAmpac’s smart packaging development mission.

Dr. Yam states, “ProAmpac’s commitment to studying the fundamentals of active and intelligent packaging will move the field forward. Through this impactful partnership we will work to bring smart packaging out of the lab and onto store shelves.”

Rutgers University’s food-safety and shelf-life expertise complements ProAmpac’s existing partnerships with institutions such as Polytechnique Montréal, Rochester Institute of Technology and Clemson University. For more information, visit

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