PMMI’s Latest Whitepaper Explores the Impact of Global and Local Standards

PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 provides education, resources for packaging and processing professionals

As the packaging and processing industry continues to expand across borders, compliance with diverse regulations and standards has become a critical factor for success. PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, released The Impact of Global and Local Standards on OEMs & Suppliers whitepaper providing a deep analysis of the challenges and opportunities that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and all industry stakeholders face in the rapidly evolving landscape of global and local standards.

PMMI’s whitepaper sheds light on the complexities encountered when navigating these standards and outlines strategies to overcome the associated hurdles. “This whitepaper provides a needed resource for the industry. It helps frame the importance of industry standards, clarifying the difference between standards and regulations, providing guidance on key standards for packaging and processing, and fostering collaboration between OEMs and end users to improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of packaging and processing operations,” says Jorge Izquierdo, vice president, market development, PMMI.

The whitepaper references ANSI/PMMI B155.1 – Safety Requirements for Packaging and Processing Machinery, a key standard for the industry that is currently under revision. The revised standard is scheduled to be released by standards developer PMMI later this summer.

Key findings from the whitepaper:

  1. Global Standardization: The whitepaper emphasizes the growing importance of global standardization efforts in streamlining operations. By adhering to unified standards, businesses can reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and improve market access.
  2. Regional Variations: Despite the benefits of global standards, the whitepaper recognizes the persistent existence of regional variations. Industry stakeholders must adapt to local regulations while maintaining alignment with international standards, creating a delicate balancing act.
  3. Compliance Challenges: The study reveals the significant challenges faced in achieving compliance with multiple and often-conflicting standards. These challenges include supply chain complexity, regulatory uncertainty, and the need for continuous adaptation to evolving requirements.
  4. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: PMMI’s whitepaper underscores the importance of collaboration among industry stakeholders and the sharing of best practices. By fostering strong partnerships, OEMs and suppliers can collectively address compliance challenges, pool resources, and drive innovation.
  5. Technology as an Enabler: The report highlights the role of technology as a powerful enabler for managing global and local standards. Automation, data analytics, and digital solutions can enhance compliance, enable real-time monitoring, and facilitate seamless information exchange.

Featuring a comprehensive education program, PACK EXPO Las Vegas (Sept. 11-13, 2023; Las Vegas Convention Center) provides a not-to-miss opportunity for all industry stakeholders to gain understanding of the critical standards landscape. Interactive sessions in The Forum at PACK EXPO Las Vegas provide an opportunity to discuss new ideas and collaborate on solutions to widespread issues and trends such as risk assessment, digitalization, cyber security, sustainability, automation, and integration of cobots into manufacturing. Each 45-minute session begins with a presentation before participants are invited to discuss the issue further in small roundtables.

Leading organizations holding interactive sessions at The Forum include:

  • OpX Leadership Network
  • CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers & Manufacturers
  • The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC)
  • PMMI Business Intelligence

Beyond the Forum, Innovation Stages feature free, 30-minute seminars on breakthrough technologies, and best practices are presented each day by suppliers and subject matter experts. No registration is required; stop by and discover the latest innovations.

Other new and returning resources to aid industry professionals in gaining an understanding of the role of standards in their operation include:

  • The Processing Zone: In today’s manufacturing environment, processing and packaging are coming together as an integrated system, making it more important than ever to bring both packaging and processing solutions under one roof. The Processing Zone, which is currently 44% larger than it was in 2021, supports the integration of processing and packaging, a key function in the manufacturing environment. It is a great place to start your search for front-of-the-line solutions such as homogenizing, heat treating, forming/sizing, and coating. Within The Processing Zone, visitors will discover solutions to help increase efficiency, achieve total system integration, and ensure employee safety.
  • The Processing Innovation Stage will offer free show-floor education focusing on the latest breakthroughs in processing. No registration is required; anyone can attend when convenient and learn something new.
  • Sustainability Central: Show-floor destination takes an expansive look into packaging sustainability and what it means to brands, including expert speakers, interactive content, and a look at actionable sustainable solutions in manufacturing, materials, and design.
  • Sustainability Stage: Attendees will hear from industry experts on a range of packaging sustainability topics and receive expertise on making their brands more sustainable.
  • Industry Speaks Stage: Experts from the PACK EXPO Partner Program, covering multiple industry verticals, will address the latest hot topics and industry trends such as sustainability, remote access, supply chain solutions, augmented reality, and operational efficiency.
  • Association Partner Pavilion: The PACK EXPO Partner Program connects attendees to leading associations from all segments of packaging and processing.
  • Technology Excellence Awards: This program recognizes exhibitors’ brand-new innovations never displayed at a PACK EXPO trade show. All registered attendees are eligible to vote for favorites among the finalists selected in specific market segments including Food/Beverage, General Packaging & Processing, Personal Care/Pharma and Sustainability.

In addition to key show-floor destinations, packaging and processing professionals can get their questions answered about relevant standards and regulations by utilizing the PACK Match program. The complimentary PACK Match program offers registered end-user attendees a one-on-one virtual consultation with a non-biased industry expert to help find the right suppliers and solutions to address their needs before they arrive at PACK EXPO Las Vegas. Upon completion of the consultation, the attendee will receive a list of exhibitors that can provide solutions to their challenges and can be visited during the show.

Consultations will take place Aug. 21–Sept. 7, 2023, and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration for a complimentary PACK Match consultation will open on August 1, and the deadline to register is August 25. This service is only available to end-user buyers of packaging, processing, or related solutions who have registered to attend PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023.

The Ask the Experts program is an additional attendee resource offered on-site at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and serves as an extension of the PACK Match program. Ask the Experts will be staffed by experienced packaging or processing industry executives. Attendees will receive expert guidance on finding the right packaging or processing solutions to address their specific challenges.

For more complete information on all PACK EXPO Las Vegas has to offer and to register for the show, visit

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