New COF indicator simplifies measuring friction on packaging film

A new tool equips operators of packaging machines and others with an easy way to estimate the coefficient of friction (COF) on the packaging film. This is beneficial when a packaging machine requires film with a specific COF for smooth operation.

Tentoma, the manufacturer of RoRo StretchPack® machines has introduced the COF indicator ST 1.0 tool to estimate if the coefficient of friction (COF) on the packaging film meets your requirements. It is a simple tool that can be used on-site by the service team or the operators on the packaging line. Doing a slide test with two film samples, the estimated COF value can be read from the integrated scale. If the value indicates an incorrect COF value, you must contact your film supplier for a precise measurement of the COF value. Film suppliers typically have access to measuring instruments for measuring the precise COF value following the ISO standard. This will clarify if the packaging film has the required COF value.

Test friction on the film when the packaging machine fails

The right COF value on the packaging film is crucial for optimal performance and reaching the maximum capacity of a packaging machine. However, the COF on a film roll can differ from the supplier’s specifications. This discrepancy often goes unnoticed until the film roll is installed, leading to packaging machine failure. Therefore, when experiencing repeated packaging failures, it’s always recommended to verify the COF of the packaging film. It is to help in such situations that Tentoma has introduced the tool COF indicator ST 1.0.

An affordable tool for estimating COF value

The COF indicator ST 1.0 is a simple slide tester tool designed quickly to estimate COF on packaging film. The tool only estimates the COF value but is more affordable than a more precise COF measuring instrument following the ISO standard. Thus, the CF indicator allows manufacturers with a packaging line to measure the friction on the packaging film, to clarify if this is an issue.

It is important to note that the COF indicator ST 1.0 only estimates a COF value. To get the exact COF value according to the ISO standard, it is necessary to measure the film with another precise COF measuring instrument.

The COF indicator ST 1.0 is available from Tentoma – further information:

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