New Advantage Series Automation System from CBW

Modular Automation Offers Greater Flexibility, Faster Retrieval

CBW Automation Inc., a recognized leader in customized automated systems for high-speed injection molding and thermoform packaging lines, has dedicated its engineering and manufacturing resources to designing and developing the new Advantage Series automation system to provide customers with the most innovative automation solution yet. The new Advantage Series provides an alternative system that promises high performance and manufacturing flexibility, all at a lower price point.

This latest advanced automation system from CBW will make its debut at the upcoming K Show 2016, October 19-26 in Düsseldorf, Germany. This system will be running with a Milacron injection molding system in Hall 15/C06. The molding cell will be running the latest in packaging innovation – the Klear Can.

CBW provides an engineering evaluation of each project customers bring to enable the company to determine the best customized solution for those customers’ needs. CBW’s current products include the TS-303, which offers the fastest retrieval on the market; the TSE, with reduced footprint and high flow part capture; and the SSE, which offers strip stroke with high flow part capture. CBW also offers an extensive package of downstream solutions. From complex downstream operations to simple stacking, CBW can provide a solution backed with over 45 years of experience.

Designed with customers’ feedback and requirements in mind, CBW’s new Advantage Series automation continues the long-standing CBW tradition of proven performance, reliability, and optimum productivity while reducing costs and retaining the same intrusion times that CBW customers expect.

Additionally, the new Advantage Series system is designed for ease of packing and installation. This means customers enjoy a faster time to production with less disassembly and reassembly because the system ships more “wired” and ready-to-go.

Using a standardized base and frame, the new Advantage Series system is designed to be modular; therefore offering greater flexibility. With a range of part retrieval options including strip stroke, molders can achieve faster part retrieval in all types of injection molding technologies including multi-face stack molds and in-mold labeling systems. The modularity offered by the Advantage Series allows the system to be easily and quickly adapted to new parts, minimizing downtime for changeovers. This flexibility allows the robot to handle a variety of parts within the same family through little or no

CBW has eliminated the high flow vacuum blowers, and instead incorporated a suction cup retrieval system. This change allows increased flexibility simply by relocating the suction cups to accommodate the parts being handled. It also eliminates the need for the high flow blower and the expensive, inflexible plumbing of vacuum to the end-of-arm-tooling.

CBW is not an “off-the-shelf” automation provider. The company’s new “Lean” Manufacturing” strategy, has allowed CBW to standardize certain components of its automation systems to reduce lead time. All of CBW’s automation systems are proudly made in the USA, at CBW’s 45,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

About CBW: CBW Automation is a full-service custom automation designer and manufacturer offering the plastic injection molding and thermoforming industries the highest quality, fastest cycling and most efficient automation available on the market today. Systems include: stacking, sorting, closing, inspection/quality control, automatic or manual case packing, and palletizing, for a variety of different products.

CBW – The Future of Automation

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