NACD Releases Regulatory Compliance Tool, RegClear

At the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) annual ChemEdge Trade Show and Conference on Aug. 17, 2023, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Jennifer Gibson announced the launch of the association’s newest regulatory compliance resource, RegClear.

NACD has partnered with one of its Strategic Regulatory Partners, Environment & Safety Solutions, to develop RegClear, a series of guided videos that will help members navigate the ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape.

“Government agencies regularly review and update their rules and regulations. While these updates can be complex, NACD’s regulatory compliance resources help our members and Affiliates determine how these changes may impact their businesses,” said Gibson. “That’s why we are excited to launch RegClear, which will help clarify this constantly changing regulatory environment by providing accessible, concise, and easy-to-grasp videos on a range of regulatory topics.”

The first videos in this series provide a foundation with the topics of “How to Read a Regulation,” “Inspection 101,” and ‘How to Create an Inventory of Chemicals.” For many NACD members who are small businesses, these regulatory resources provide the framework and guidance needed to help them to meet federal standards.

Links to these videos are included in NACD’s redesigned and enhanced Regulatory Compliance Resource Guide, and the videos made available through NACD’s learning management system, NACD U at no additional cost to members and for a nominal fee for non-members. Videos will be gradually released over the upcoming months and years, with the overarching goal of producing a video for every major rule in the compliance resource guide.

If you are interested in accessing these resources, be sure to check out NACD’s enhanced Regulatory Compliance Resource Guide here.


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