Innovative Cycle Box for Start-up Rediscovering e-bikes

VPK Packaging developed an innovative bicycle box for Cowboy e-bikes. A sustainable packaging solution for e-commerce.

Cowboy is a young start-up of Belgian origin. Their target group? Young urbanites looking for sustainable and efficient mobility within and outside the city. Cowboy rediscovered this means of transportation as it were by combining an elegant design with state of the art IoT technology that connects the Cowboys to their bikes thanks to a mobile app with anti-theft protection, live statistics, GPS tracking, software updates for the bike and more. The bike is delivered to the customer fully assembled.

Ergonomics and ease of use extended to packaging

In order to give the cyclist maximum cycling pleasure, the intuitive and tactile design of the e-bike is even reflected in the smallest of details. For example; the bike automatically feels whether to provide more or less assistance based on the terrain and desired speed. Obviously it was important that the packaging displayed the same ease of use and premium quality keeping sustainability in mind.

After an intense collaboration with the customer, including brainstorming sessions with our design and innovation engineers, VPK Packaging developed a packaging with various trump cards.

  • Positioning of four handles at the most suitable places for both the deliverer and end customer, reinforced with a strip of tape along the inside.
  • Opening the packaging can be easily done by simply pulling a tab, no scissors or knife needed.
  • Ultra-ergonomic unpacking; the customer does not have to lift his bicycle out of the box,
    but can simply roll it out of the packaging via a front “door”.
  • And in the unlikely case that the end customer is not satisfied? The packaging can be easily returned using a locking system that consists exclusively of corrugated cardboard, making it perfect for recycling.
  • During the logistic operations, the bike remains perfectly protected and firmly in place thanks to corrugated cardboard inserts intended for fixation.
  • The unpacking experience is enhanced by a separate, smaller package that neatly displays all the accessories at a glance when opened.

Combined with the ergonomic design, the graphic design with its sleek two-color printing also ensures sublime brand support. A total concept in form and print to perfectly reflect the brand values.

What makes VPK Packaging the best possible partner here? Let our customer explain this to you in his own words.

“We were quite eager to do something exceptional. Our online sales business model reduces the number of touchpoints with the customer, so packaging needed to be spot-on. It’s an important channel for communicating our brand. I was particularly impressed with the extensive design and innovation of VPK. We really succeeded in creating customized packaging that truly reflects what we offer; a flawless and easy to use product that ensures the best possible experience.” Vincent de Gaultier, head of manufacturing.

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