Filmquest Employees Get Bonuses Due to Federal Tax Changes

Filmquest Group, a leading global supplier of Questar® Polyester Film, headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, has announced that it has paid a special $1,111.11 bonus to all of its employees. The bonuses were paid due to the recent changes in Federal tax law, which took effect starting in 2018.

John Felinski, Filmquest President / CEO, stated “The new Tax Reform legislation that was signed into law right before Christmas, along with other financial incentives, has provided us with certainty. We were able to pay this special bonus to our employees by utilizing anticipated future tax savings”. When asked about the unusual amount of the bonuses, Felinski replied “All of our people are #1, so we wanted the bonuses to reflect that.”

The special bonus was received with tremendous enthusiasm by all Filmquest employees!

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